Elon Musk's Twitter fires more employees engaged in content moderation

Twitter has undergone a large-scale personnel reduction since Elon Musk became CEO, but it is reported that the company will continue to reduce personnel even in 2023. According to reports, it is an employee of the global content moderation team who was fired this time.

Elon Musk Cuts More Twitter Staff Overseeing Content Moderation - Bloomberg

Twitter has reportedly laid off more of its global content moderation team | Engadget

Mr. Mask signed an acquisition proposal with Twitter in April 2022, and the actual acquisition was completed at the end of October 2022. However, Mr. Musk seems to have planned to reduce Twitter's workforce even before the acquisition proposal, and it seems that he originally planned to dismiss 25% of all employees, and then dismiss 75% just before the acquisition. It turns out to be the plan . After the acquisition was actually completed , half of the employees were fired, employees who pointed out that Mr. Musk's remarks were wrong, and about 20 employees who criticized Mr. Musk on internal Slack. I've been dismissed and dismissed multiple times. As a result, less than a month after the acquisition, Twitter's workforce has drastically decreased from 7,500 to 2,700.

The number of Twitter employees has decreased sharply from 7,500 to 2,700 after the acquisition of Earon Mask, and the aim is to actively recruit and aim for ``usage like Japan'' - GIGAZINE

In addition, since Mr. Mask became CEO of Twitter, a survey result was announced that 'hate speech is increasing on Twitter', and in some areas Twitter is down for more than 12 hours and does not work properly. Some say that the reason for these is that ``Earon Mask has implemented a large-scale personnel reduction as a cost-cutting measure for Twitter.''

Bloomberg reported that Twitter has dismissed ``at least 12'' employees in its offices in Dublin, Ireland and Singapore. According to reports, several employees were fired this time, including Anaruisa Dominguez, who was the senior director of revenue policy at Twitter. In addition to this, Twitter has reportedly fired employees involved in the 'litigation process', 'national media programs', and 'handling of misinformation policies'.

Ella Irwin, Twitter's head of trust and safety, confirmed that the company had laid off several employees, but said the departments affected by the cuts were 'wrong.' doing. ``For example, it makes more sense for a team to be led by one leader instead of two,'' Erwin said in a unique tone that the company's workforce reductions are being properly implemented. I made an appeal. In addition, Mr. Irwin reveals that Twitter plans to increase the number of personnel in the litigation-related department and ``continue to assign a responsible person'' to the person responsible for revenue policy.

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