The Federal Trade Commission requested that Elon Musk's Twitter internal message be submitted, and Congress accused ``authority harassment''


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The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has requested a number of materials from Twitter, including internal messages from CEO Elon Musk, information about Twitter Blue , and the names of journalists with access to Twitter records. I understand In response, the Special Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Government (the Weaponization Subcommittee), which was established in the House Judiciary Committee for the purpose of investigating abuses of authority by government agencies, has sought to prevent regulatory accusing it of harassment.

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The Weaponization Subcommittee, chaired by Republican Rep. Jim Jordan , said on March 7, 2023, '(PDF file) On the Weaponization of the FTC: Excessive Acts of Elon Musk-led Twitter Harassment Agencies. released a report titled

According to reports, the FTC, led by Democrat Lina Khan, sent more than 10 requests to Twitter in less than three months after Musk acquired Twitter, making more than 350 requests in total. matter. Among the materials Twitter was asked to disclose by the FTC were the following:

The identities of journalists that Twitter has granted access to internal records
Any internal communications about Mr. Musk from the date Mr. Musk acquired the company, including those sent or received by Mr. Musk himself
・Information about whether Twitter is selling office equipment
All the reasons why Twitter fired former employee Jim Baker
When did Twitter invent its new service, Twitter Blue?
・Various information aggregated by department/section/team

Regarding this, the report points out, ``There is no logical reason, for example, that the FTC should know the identities of journalists involved with Twitter,'' and that the FTC has requested these materials from Twitter for partisan motives. accused of harassment based on

Regarding this report, Mr. Musk tweeted, 'It is a shameful case of weaponizing a government agency for political purposes and trying to suppress the truth.'

The FTC is increasing pressure on Twitter because there are concerns that ``Mr. Mask's large-scale layoffs may have impaired the ability to monitor content to protect Twitter users.'' But the FTC isn't the only one concerned about these issues.

The Financial Times reported on March 8 that the European Union has directed Elon Musk to hire more human moderators and fact-checkers to review the bank on Twitter.

Twitter reportedly combines human moderators and AI to monitor harmful content, but does not conduct fact-checking by humans like competitor Meta. Twitter also employs volunteer moderators to address misinformation on social media for a feature called “ Community Notes, ” which are not used to address illegal content.

In a statement to the Financial Times, Twitter said: 'We have had repeated and productive discussions with authorities to ensure we are fully compliant with the EU's Digital Services Act. In addition, we will continue to use a mix of technology and expert staff to detect and remove them automatically, and our community notes will provide an informative, transparent, and authoritative way to learn about the problem of misinformation. I would like to do so,' he said.

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