Elon Musk claims that ``the government paid hundreds of millions of yen to Twitter for censorship'' in response to Twitter's internal document investigation report, but this is a misunderstanding

Twitter CEO Elon Musk supports the spread of internal Twitter documents leaked by journalists. In response to the investigation report on the 7th Twitter file, Mr. Mask claimed that ``the government paid millions of dollars (hundreds of millions of yen) to Twitter for information censorship,'' but this claim is not true. There are voices of counterargument that it is wrong.

Alex Stamos: 'This claim is false. Law enfo…' - The Lair of the CyberVillains

No, The FBI Is NOT 'Paying Twitter To Censor' | Techdirt

The Twitter file refers to Twitter's internal documents obtained by journalists Matt Taibi and others, and several journalists such as Mr. Taibi are doing investigative reports on Twitter files. In the first Twitter file posted by Mr. Taibi on December 2, the Democratic Party supporters are strong inside Twitter, and in 2020, when `` allegations of corruption by President Joe Biden's son ' ' were reported, , indicating that Democrats' takedown requests were being prioritized.

Earon Mask's internal document 'Twitter file' has discovered the fact that it was hiding the corruption of Biden's son by preferentially accepting requests to delete Democrats within Twitter, and 'Shadow Ban' will also be exposed in the future- GIGAZINE

Also, in the third and fourth Twitter files, the back side of former President Donald Trump's Twitter account was permanently frozen .

Twitter's large-scale internal leak reveals details of ``when ex-President Trump is permanently banned''-GIGAZINE

Mr. Musk supports the disclosure of Twitter files, introducing tweets by Mr. Taibi and others with quote retweets, and dismissing deputy general counsel Jim Baker for restricting information to be disclosed in Twitter files. increase.

Elon Mask dismisses Twitter's deputy legal adviser Jim Baker due to information suppression of exposure information 'Twitter file' - GIGAZINE

And on December 19, journalist Michael Shellenberger announced the seventh Twitter file. In the 7th installment, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) put pressure on Mr. Biden's son's suspicion of corruption as ``suspicion of Russia's election interference'' and restricted the spread of articles such as the New York Post. content has been reported.

Twitter Files: FBI Paid Twitter Millions To Process Its Requests

Shellenberger, citing e-mails from the time, claims that the FBI repeatedly reported to Twitter about accounts suspected of being operated by forces in other countries. You can also see from the email that Yoel Ross, who was the Chief Trust & Safety Officer on Twitter at the time, frequently refutes the FBI's demands.

At the end of the tree, Shellenberger said, ``The FBI influence campaign could have been aided by the fact that it paid Twitter millions of dollars for the time spent by its staff. ' said. In the quoted email addressed to Jim Baker, ``We have raised $3,415,323 (about 450 million yen) since October 2019 (as a reimbursement program for FBI legal claims). We are pleased to report!'

Mr. Musk responded to this piece, saying, 'The government paid Twitter millions of dollars to censor information from the public.' Did you approve secret state censorship that violates the Constitution, Adam Schiff ?' he tweeted. It claims that the FBI paid Twitter to censor it.

However, it has been pointed out that Mr. Mask's claim that the FBI paid for censorship is a misunderstanding.

Alex Stamos , former Facebook Chief Security Officer, said, 'This claim is false. Law enforcement can obtain stored communications from companies like Twitter under 18 USC 2703(d) . Yes, this is the famous 'd-order' that requires a judge's signature, and businesses can request refunds under 18 USC 2706. Section 2703 can argue that they should have higher standards But if governments can get user data, should it be free, or should companies charge a small fee? This has nothing to do with content moderation.'

In fact, section (a) of 18 USC 2706 states, 'Any governmental agency that obtains the content or records of a communication, such as under Section 2703, shall provide the person or entity with whom the information was collected and provided A fee must be paid to cover the reasonable costs incurred directly in, for example, In fact, the email quoted by Shellenberger says it is a 'reimbursement program for FBI legal claims.' In other words, this is a fair reimbursement of the costs incurred by Twitter in responding to the FBI's legal request and has nothing to do with censorship requests.

Technology media Techdirt pointed out that an estimated 8,000 legal requests were sent from the FBI between 2019 and 2020, according to Twitter's transparency report . We are of the opinion that a refund of approximately 450 million yen would be reasonable as the cost of properly processing these by a skilled team. Although there are problems such as `` lack of transparency of legal requests by FBI '' and `` Twitter's lack of ability to file objections on behalf of users '', he said that `` FBI paid money to censor '' I was.

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