Editor-in-chief of Russian state media 'RT' resigns after accusing the invasion of Ukraine


Ilya Schurov

Maria Baronova, editor-in-chief of the Russian federal government -owned television station Russia Today (RT) , reportedly blamed Russia's actions on SNS and resigned from the position a few days later.

Шеф-редактор русской версии RT Мария Баронова осудила спецоперацию на Украине и уволилась

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On February 26, 2022, Baronois posted a statement on Telegram, a messaging service, condemning Russia's actions in his personal name. 'The people who are bombing Kyiv and Kharkov are non-Russian, as are the people who bombed Donetsk. Some Russians are now German. I'm proud to be Russian. The time has come when we have the right to speak, not the traitors of the country. '

'Even if I choose to be with Russia, this rejoices that I choose a totalitarian regime, silence, or, for example, an unwanted government in my country has advanced somewhere. It doesn't mean that it's a thing. This administration will turn our lives into endless hell. '

'I wrote about NATO collaborators, NATO propaganda, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and Russophobia (Russian phobia), and that was all right. We have done what the Kyiv administration has done for eight years (Vladimir Putin). We have been opposed to the president's alleged abuse and slaughter of civilians by the Ukrainian administration, but non-Russians lie that we were 'silent', but such a lie. It doesn't work. We can't hurt all the Russians in this nightmare. We, as non-propaganda, must get out of this horror created in the country, 'Baronova insisted. ..

After this post, Baronois told Russian media Znak that he had resigned from RT. Baronova told Znak, 'I have nothing to talk to people who support the operation in Ukraine,' and said he would not make a public statement about his resignation.

Mr. Baronois was a former member of ' Открытая Россия (Open Russia) ', one of the organizations previously prohibited by the Russian government as an 'undesirable organization'. Some are worried about Mr. Baronois's personal safety, but Russia-born US national security expert Rebekah Koffler said, 'Although a pro-Russian group loyal to President Putin can attack political opponents without order. , The threshold is high and Mr. Putinova will not be targeted this time. ' Baronova also posted on Telegram on March 2nd, 'I post every 12 hours. If I haven't posted for a while, something is happening.'

RT is regulated by governments and private companies in each country, such as access blocks. CNN, a foreign media outlet, reported that RT's US bureau will stop all production activities and permanently dismiss most of its staff.

RT America ceases productions and lays off most of its staff --CNN

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