Amazon offers President Biden 'support for vaccination of new corona'

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As of January 20, 2021, Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States. Reuters has revealed that Amazon has sent a letter to President Biden shortly after taking office stating that he will support vaccination against the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Since then, CNBC has obtained the full text of the letter, and it has been found that Amazon has stated that it will 'support vaccination' and that it is requesting 'early vaccination of Amazon employees'. I will.

Amazon offers to help US with vaccine in letter to President Biden | Reuters

Amazon sends letter to Biden offering to help with Covid-19 vaccines

Here's the full letter sent by Amazon's President of Worldwide Consumer Business, Dave Clark, to President Biden:

'Dear President Biden

Congratulations on your inauguration. As you begin your job of escaping the COVID-19 crisis, Amazon is ready to help you achieve 'vaccination of 100 million Americans' within 100 days of the inauguration of the administration.

As the second largest employer in the United States, Amazon has 800,000 employers in the United States, most of whom are key workers who cannot work from home. We are proud of our employees who ensure that consumers can safely spend their time at home and receive the products and services they need. Such services are important, especially for people who are susceptible to COVID-19, such as those with illness. Employees who are key workers work at Amazon's fulfillment centers, AWS data centers, or Whole Foods Market , and these employees cannot work from home, so the COVID-19 vaccine is available early and at the right time. I think you should receive. We support efforts to do so.

We have a contract with a licensed healthcare provider and can vaccinate on-site. Once the vaccine is available, we are ready to move quickly. In addition, we are ready to leverage our operations, information and communications technology, communications technology and expertise to support the administration's vaccination efforts. Our scale will soon have a significant and significant impact in the fight against COVID-19. We are ready to help you in that effort.

From the beginning of this crisis, we have been working hard to keep our workers safe. We promise to assist your administration in vaccination efforts to protect our employees and continue to provide essential services in the pandemic.

Best regards'

In the United States, one month has passed since the start of vaccination, but it is reported that there is a significant delay from the original schedule.

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