Violent postings to 'head of state' such as President Putin are banned on Facebook and Instagram

'Violent posts against Russian soldiers, Russian troops, President Vladimir Putin and President Alexander Lukashenko' were temporarily allowed on Facebook and Instagram of some countries including Ukraine, but this time the policy has been changed. 'Violent postings to the head of state' has been banned, and it has become clear that temporary permits also apply only to Ukraine.

Meta narrows guidance to prohibit calls for death of a head of state | Reuters

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Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Meta temporarily changed its policy, allowing 'political posts containing violent expressions' in 12 countries, including Ukraine and Poland. Violent postings to civilians were not allowed, only expressions such as 'death to Russian invaders' that would normally violate the policy, and postings asking President Putin to die.

Policy change to temporarily allow Facebook to temporarily allow Putin and Lukashenko's murder and Russian invasion to counter violence-GIGAZINE

However, Meta states that 'it should never be construed as tolerating violence against Russians,' and the temporary permission for postings containing violent expressions applies only to Ukraine, which also 'invades and acts. Only when the context of mentioning self-defense behavior is clarified. ' It also bans 'posts that ask the head of state to die.'

Nick Greg, Meta's liaison officer, said of the repeated policy changes, 'These are difficult decisions. The situation in Ukraine is changing rapidly and we are trying to take all the results into consideration. The situation is constantly changing, so we are constantly reviewing our policies. '

In addition, Russia received reports that Meta allowed violent posting, requested a domestic court to consider Meta as an 'extremist organization', filed a lawsuit, and prohibited access to Instagram from within the country. I did . Since Facebook had already been banned, access to the major platforms Meta is deploying is completely banned. The Russian public prosecutor's office said, 'It aims to incite hatred and hostility toward the citizens of the Russian Federation,' and accused Meta's policy of promoting terrorist activities.

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