Russia adds Meta spokesperson to wanted list, possibly due to Meta policy change

It turns out that Russia has put Andy Stone, who is in charge of public relations for Facebook and Instagram, on Meta's wanted list.

Facebook объявили в розыск ее пресс‑секретаря; аочно арестовали

Russia puts the tribe for Facebook owner Meta on a wanted list | AP News

This was discovered by independent media Медиазона (Mediazona) while browsing the Ministry of Interior's database, and Mr. Stone was registered in February 2023.

The reason Mr. Stone was wanted was a policy change made by Meta in March 2022. In response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Meta changed its ``hate speech policy'' to allow expressions like ``Death to the Russian invaders.''

Facebook changes policy to temporarily allow calls to kill Putin and Lukashenko, fight against invasion from Russia with violence - GIGAZINE


Anthony Quintano

Russia immediately reacted to Meta's policy change and began investigating it as a criminal case in which 'Meta employees called for violence and murder against Russian nationals.' At this time, the Investigative Committee stated, ``These acts contain signs of crimes that fall under the categories of ``calling for extremist activities'' and ``promoting terrorist activities'' as stipulated in Articles 280 and 205.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. , a necessary investigation will be conducted as part of the criminal case.The purpose is to legally evaluate the activities of Andy Stone and other employees of American companies.

Immediately after this, Russia labeled Meta an 'extremist.'

Russian government recognizes Facebook operator Meta as an ``extremist group'' and regulates Instagram - GIGAZINE

In October 2022, it is classified as 'terrorist and extremist'.

Russian authorities add Meta to the list of ``terrorists and extremists'', in some cases warnings are sent to Facebook and Instagram users - GIGAZINE

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