Russian government recognizes Facebook operator Meta as a 'radical group' and regulates Instagram

Russian officials have announced that Facebook operator Meta has been identified as a radical group and will restrict access to Instagram. The Russian authorities had already restricted access to Facebook, but Facebook took countermeasures after temporarily permitting calls to counter the invasion from Russia with violence.

Роскомна дзор --Об ограничении доступа к социальной сети Instagram

Роскомна дзор --Роскомна дзор требует от Meta прокомментировать информацию об изменения х правил мо

Russia will restrict Instagram access, may label Meta an extremist group: NPR

Russia threatens Instagram ban in response to Meta allowing violent threats against soldiers --The Verge

On March 11, 2022, Russia's Federal Office for Communications, Information Technology and Media (Roskomnadzor) said, 'Posts that encourage and induce violence against Russians are being disseminated, so access to Instagram will be restricted.' Announced. According to this announcement, access restrictions will be enforced at midnight on March 14, taking into consideration the trouble of migrating photos and videos from Instagram to other SNS.

Roskomnadzor said the decision was 'because Meta allowed posts on Facebook and Instagram calling for violence against Russian citizens.' Meta temporarily allowed 'violent speech against Russia' on the platform on March 10, 2022, in response to the access restrictions imposed by the Russian government on Facebook. Countermeasures have led to further retaliation for Roskomnadzor.

Policy change to temporarily allow Facebook to temporarily allow Putin and Lukashenko's murder and Russian invasion to counter violence-GIGAZINE

by Anthony Quintano

At the time of the announcement, it was announced that this temporary permit for violent speech against Russia would be implemented in 12 countries such as Ukraine and Poland, but on March 11, the target area was 'Ukraine.' It has been revised to 'Limited to only'.

In this announcement, Roskomnadzor denounced Meta's actions as an 'unprecedented decision,' and in another announcement , 'Russian troops and Russian citizens' have been disseminated online to Meta's administration. Notification to report on 'Revision of Content Moderation Rules for'. In addition, according to the Russian state broadcaster, Meta is about to be recognized as an 'extremist organization'.

In response to a series of reports, a Meta spokeswoman said it was true that he had temporarily allowed violent speech against Russia. However, he said that permission for violent speech was limited to Russia's military invasion, and that he continued to remove posts calling for violence against Russian civilians.

'80 million Russian users will be separated from the rest of the world,' said Adam Mosseri, who is in charge of Instagram, about the measures taken by Russia. 'This is wrong,' he states.

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