Does Twitter refuse to pay Google Cloud fees and contract renewals?

Twitter hosts some of its services on its own servers, and others under contract with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is reported that Twitter, which is about to renew its contract in June 2023, has refused to pay the GCP fee.

Twitter stiffs Google - by Zoë Schiffer and Casey Newton

Twitter has reportedly refused to pay its Google Cloud contract

In 2018, before Elon Musk acquired Twitter, Twitter signed a multi-year deal with Google of $1 billion to host services related to anti-spam, removal of child sexual abuse content, and account protection. 140 billion yen).

However, according to The Information , the company has been trying to renegotiate its deal with Google since at least March 2023. And according to the newsletter Platformer, which distributes IT-related information, he refuses to renew the contract and pay the renewal fee before the contract renewal date of June 30, 2023.

Twitter seems to be in a hurry to migrate as many services as possible from GCP before the contract expires, but the effort is behind schedule and some tools are not running. Platformer believes that if Twitter can't migrate its systems to its own servers by the end of June 2023, it will have a major impact on its ability to deal with spam and child sexual abuse content.

In addition, Twitter has refused to pay AWS for several months, and it has been reported that Amazon has been notified that it will 'suspend advertising costs to Twitter.'

Amazon threatened to withhold advertising costs to Twitter because Twitter refused to pay AWS for a long time, and Twitter itself reportedly lost 40% in sales and revenue - GIGAZINE

In January 2023, it was also reported that Twitter was in arrears on the rent of the headquarters and was sued by the landlord.

Twitter sued for delinquency of over 800 million yen in rent at headquarters, lawsuits in London and other offices - GIGAZINE

Engadget, an IT news site, said, ``Twitter may become more unstable in the near future,'' and that Mr. Mask's significant cost cuts and personnel reductions threaten the stability of Twitter itself. pointed out.

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