I tried using Roland's live distribution tool 'GO: LIVECAST' for smartphones that can play sound effects and OP movies with one button even though it is super compact

It is now possible to perform live distribution anytime and anywhere using smartphones, but there are limits to what can be done with distribution compared to PCs, and it tends to be 'taken and taken out'. Roland's ' GO:LIVECAST ' is a live distribution tool for smartphones. It is small, lightweight, and easy to carry, but it is equipped with various functions, allowing advanced live distribution such as inserting sound effects, movies, and images to smartphones. However, I heard that it will be possible to do it, so I actually tried live distribution on YouTube using GO:LIVECAST.

Roland - GO:LIVECAST | Livestreaming Studio for Smartphones


Check the following article to see what GO: LIVECAST looks like.

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And you can see how to prepare for live distribution using GO: LIVECAST on your smartphone by reading the following article.

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Below is the connection with the smartphone with the application installed, the condenser microphone, and the electronic keyboard for line input. In addition, since the power consumption of GO: LIVECAST is 330mA, it will start sufficiently even with a mobile battery.

◆ Start of live distribution
To start broadcasting, tap the rightmost icon at the top of the screen. As set in

the previous article , tap 'YouTube' assuming that it will be distributed on YouTube. In addition, when live distribution is performed on YouTube, the number of subscribers must be 50 or more.

Then the setting screen is displayed. Enter the live distribution title in 'Title'. 'Scope' is a public setting for distribution, and you can select Public (public), Unlisted (limited public), or Private (private). After deciding the delivery title and public settings, tap '[' in the upper left.

Tap 'Start distribution' to start distribution.

When I checked YouTube, I was sure that the live distribution was successful. By default, the resolution setting was 1280p.

By tapping the second balloon icon from the right at the top of the application, it is possible to display the comment being delivered.

◆ Operations during live distribution
GO:LIVECAST has buttons numbered 1 to 6, and you can play the corresponding audio and video by pressing them during live distribution.

You can see how you can actually flow in the following movie.

GO: LIVECAST can stream music and movies during live distribution with a single button-YouTube

To select the content corresponding to the button, tap the icon on the far left at the top of the screen. Since the correspondence of buttons 1 to 6 is displayed, you can edit the corresponding content by tapping the grill icon in the upper right of each button.

For example, you can select BGM with the 1st button. Various BGM are recorded by default, but you can also set any BGM by tapping 'Library'.

2nd and 3rd are sound effects

4th and 5th are photos and movies

Number 6 can set the text to be displayed. By clicking 'NEW +' in the lower right, you can register any text.

Also, by connecting a smartphone with the GO:LIVECAST app installed on the same LAN, you can register the second smartphone as a sub camera and insert it into the screen.

When you tap the microphone icon, you can apply reverb to the microphone sound by moving the displayed slide bar.

When distributing on a PC, thanks to highly functional distribution software, anyone can easily perform advanced live distribution. On the other hand, smartphones often end up in live distribution of ``shooting and shooting'', and it is often not possible to play your favorite music or images or display text during distribution. With this GO: LIVECAST, it is possible to perform sufficiently advanced live distribution even with a smartphone depending on the settings. In addition, it is easy to carry around and is compact enough to operate even with a mobile battery, so it is also suitable for outdoor live distribution demand such as 'I want to live stream live performances on the street in real time' and 'I want to easily stream from places such as camping and hiking'. I felt that it was a tool that fully responded.

Roland's GO: LIVECAST has a list price of 29,700 yen including tax . It is also handled by Amazon.co.jp, and at the time of article creation, it was available for purchase at 16,500 yen including tax.

Amazon | Roland Roland / GO: LIVECAST Live Streaming Studio for Smartphones (GO LIVE CAST) | Audio Interface | Musical Instruments / Audio Equipment

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