Will Twitter immediately start blocking access to the API to force developers to pay more than 5.5 million yen per month?

Twitter has stopped free access to its API and announced very expensive paid plans. In order to accelerate the transition to this paid plan, it is clear that Twitter has immediately started blocking access to the API.

Twitter cuts many app developers' API access, even those willing to pay $42,000 per month | Mashable

Twitter announced that it will end the free provision of API in February 2023. After that, on March 30, we announced a new API plan, imposing a limit of ``1500 tweets per month'' on the free plan, and a corporate plan of $ 42,000 per month (about 5.5 million yen). And it turned out to be very expensive .

Twitter announces new API and recommends ``migration within 30 days'', free plan is limited to 1500 tweets per month-GIGAZINE

With the announcement of the new API plan, third-party Twitter client apps have been forced to withdraw across the board, but there are still many apps that continue their services by using Twitter's API.

However, in the early morning of April 4, 2023 (Tuesday) local time, several engineers reported that ``Twitter is blocking access to the Twitter API of the (self-created) app.'' Twitter recommended 'migration within 30 days' with the announcement of the new API plan, but it seems that free API use will be restricted without waiting for the deadline.

Ervin Kalemi, founder and CEO of Publer , said, ``Is this the new developer ecosystem that Twitter is excited about? $ 2000).In addition, although developers using the API for free are notified of 'migration within 30 days', waiting to join the paid plan for enterprises Despite this, developers are being asked to switch API plans immediately.' Although it is, it reveals that this has not been realized at the time of tweet.

Mr. Tibo, an engineer who develops Tweet Hunter , a tool for monetizing Twitter, said, ``Tweet Hunter has been expelled from Twitter.5426 Twitter power users will be affected. So I don't know why.From the beginning, we worked with the Twitter team to make sure Tweet Hunter complies with all Twitter rules. , notified users about Twitter's terms of service, and even removed the feature altogether.When Twitter rolled out its new enterprise API plan, we signed up for it on day one. However, we have not received any notice of this either.Today we discovered that our app is no longer available.Affecting incredibly talented creators, indie makers and startup founders around the world. will be given, ”he tweeted, reporting that the API was suddenly unavailable.

Tibo reports that he was able to find a way to revive Tweet Hunter, but claims that it will cost more than about $ 200,000 (about 26 million yen).

Both Kalemi and Tibo said they immediately applied to use the API when it announced a paid plan for businesses, but neither of them had been contacted by Twitter at the time of writing. .

In addition, FeedHive seems to have been blocked from accessing the Twitter API and is no longer available. However, the founders of FeedHive have announced that they have no plans to use API's enterprise paid plan.

Twitter has blocked access to the API for users of the free API plan, but the introduction of paid plans has been slow. As a result, even companies that are prepared to use APIs for a fee are not being able to use APIs, and their services are beginning to be affected. Therefore, overseas media Mashable points out that 'it does not bode well for the future of third-party apps for Twitter.'

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