If you play the table talk RPG 'Dungeons & Dragons' with 'GPT-4' as the facilitator, it will be like this

Mr. Obie Fernandez, a software engineer who was excited about playing table talk RPG (TRPG) with three children and AI, made GPT-4 the facilitator (DM) and created 'Dungeons & Dragons (D & D)'. I wrote down my experience when I played.

My kids and I just played D&D with ChatGPT4 as the DM | by Obie Fernandez | Mar, 2023 | Medium


Mr. Fernandez, who started playing immediately, first prompts to ChatGPT, ``You are now a DM for a new campaign based on D & D 5th edition.There are four players in the room with you.You are me. Be our DM, tell us what to do, such as when we need to roll a die, ask questions as needed, such as what our character is, what the result of the die is How about, etc. Unless we do what you can't do, you will act completely as a DM and run the game.'

In response, ChatGPT said, 'Brave adventurers, welcome to the world of Velyria! I am your Dungeon Master. I will guide you through this thrilling campaign full of danger, mystery and excitement. Please introduce your character, give us a brief description of their race, class, and appearance and personality.Once that's done, let's set the stage for our epic adventure.'

Mr. Fernandez, who was asked to introduce the character, created a character that is their alter ego and entered it as a prompt. The four adventurers taking on this campaign are Obie the Human Paladin, Tenzin the Halfling Rogue, Liam the Orc, and Taylor the Wood Elf Ranger.

Attributes such as 'lawful and good', ability values such as 'charisma 12', and acquired skills are also entered, but there are also instructions to specify only some and distribute the remaining ability values in a balanced manner. going.

'As Obie and the four walk through town, they hear rumors of treasure hidden deep within the perilous Forest of Wildthorn. Intrigued by this story, you decided to venture into the Wildthorn Forest in search of the legendary temple,” says ChatGPT, who naturally develops the story. .

In addition, according to Mr. Fernandez's instructions that he wants to collect information at the bar, each character rolls a 20-sided die (d20) and adds the ability value of charisma, and the success rate of information collection is determined by the result of the dice and the ability value. ChatGPT will smoothly progress the game as a DM, such as making an action judgment .

After gathering information about the monsters that haunt the Wild Thorn Forest, the group of adventurers went to the market to prepare equipment and arrange horses for the journey. On the way, Mr. Fernandez and others tried to steal ``Giant Riding Lizard'' as a vehicle in the market, but because they failed to judge the lizard and were about to be caught, they decided to ride a normal horse. ChatGPT interweaves unexpected troubles to make the story interesting.

Once in the woods, a wolf-like creature interrupts the group's progress and erupts into battle. At first, Mr. Fernandez and others decided the success or failure of the attack while rolling dice according to the instructions of ChatGPT, but because it took too long, they only entered the prompt ``Obby attacks with a short sword, and Liam attacks with a great sword.'' , suggested that ChatGPT decide whether the attack was successful.

Then, ChatGPT output in order what kind of damage the four attacks did and whether the monster fell according to the proposal. From this, you can see that ChatGPT can respond flexibly to changes in rules.

This session ended with the scene where the party who finished the battle and broke through the forest decided to step into the temple.

The idea of playing TRPG with ChatGPT has existed before, but the following method introduced in February 2023 required the player to set all statuses and NPCs.

How to play TRPG using interactive AI 'ChatGPT' - GIGAZINE

However, 'GPT-4', which Mr. Fernandez mainly used this time, can progress the game without problems even if he is instructed to decide the detailed status of the character or suggested to change the method on the way. showed great flexibility. In addition, it is a replay that shows the progress of ChatGPT by outputting the lines of NPCs that are not specified, expanding the story, and depicting the fantasy world with an atmospheric narrative.

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