It turns out that advertisements that recommend Microsoft products are added to the Windows 11 start menu

The preview version of the latest Windows 11 update `` KB5023778 '' released on March 28, 2023 introduced a function called `` Microsoft account notification '' that displays advertisements for Microsoft products on the start menu. .

March 28, 2023 — KB5023778 (OS Build 22621.1485) Preview - Microsoft Support

Windows 11 KB5023778 update adds promotions to the Start menu

On March 28, 2023, Microsoft released 'KB5023778', a preview update for Windows 11. 'KB5023778' includes minor improvements and bug fixes not related to security, and introduces a new feature 'Microsoft account notifications'.

Below is a screenshot released by Microsoft about 'Microsoft account notification'. On the menu screen when signing out, a prompt 'Back up your files' is displayed, and below that 'Folders like Documents and Pictures will be saved to the cloud to help keep them safe. Folders such as documents and pictures are saved in the cloud and can be stored safely)'. It is unknown what will happen if you click the button marked 'Star backup', but the technology media BleepingComputer probably recommends using Microsoft's cloud storage OneDrive. .

'Microsoft account notifications' will be rolled out to a small number of users first, and then rolled out to a wider range of users over the next few months. Some devices collect feedback, so it may look different from other users.

This isn't the first time Microsoft has attempted to display ads within Windows. Similar to this time, in November 2022, a case was reported in which an advertisement was displayed in the Windows 11 sign-out menu, and Microsoft may have been secretly testing 'Microsoft account notifications' for some time. .

Ads are displayed in the sign-out menu of Windows 11 - GIGAZINE

Also, in March 2022, it was discovered that the preview version of Windows 11 was showing ads in File Explorer. Regarding this matter, Microsoft said at the time, ``This is an experimental advertising banner that is not intended to be published externally and should have been disabled.''

You can find ads displayed in ``Explorer'' in the preview version of Windows 11 - GIGAZINE

The main improvements other than 'Microsoft account notification' included in 'KB5023778' are as follows.

・Improved that the search box on the taskbar becomes brighter when Windows is set to dark mode and the application is set to light mode.
- Fixed an issue where Notepad's menu bar did not display all available options.
Fixed an issue where PowerPoint would become unresponsive when using Microsoft PowerPoint's accessibility tools.
Fixed an issue where Microsoft Narrator could not read Excel drop-down lists correctly.
- Fixed an issue where USB printers were misidentified as multimedia devices.

Note that 'KB5023778' is a preview version that will be tested prior to the April 2023 security update and does not include security improvement updates, so the update is optional.

If you want to install 'KB5023778' on a PC running Windows 11, click 'Update and Security' from the setting screen, confirm that 'KB5023778' is available, and click 'Download and Install' It's OK if you do.

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