I tried ``biting pistachio butter ice cream'' where you can enjoy the rich butter and fragrant pistachio flavor

Akagi Nyugyo, which is familiar with Garigari-kun, has released a “ bite pistachio butter ice cream ” using Hokkaido fermented butter and crushed pistachios. I was wondering how much butter and pistachio flavor I could enjoy, so I tried it


Biting Pistachio Butter Ice (Stick) | Product Information | Akagi Dairy Co., Ltd.

It's so Uma that the whites of my eyes are peeled off. New release of 'Bite Pistachio Butter Ice'! |Akagi Dairy Co., Ltd.

The package of 'bitter butter ice' is the following design based on the yellowish green image of pistachio.

The package says 'Roast crushed pistachio & Lorraine rock salt use'.

By type, it is classified as

ice cream with the highest amount of dairy ingredients, and dairy products, processed pistachio products, and pistachio paste are lined up as raw materials.

The calorie per 75 ml is 134 kcal.

There was also a note saying, 'If you eat it immediately after taking it out of the refrigerator, the product may stick to your mouth.'

It looks like this when taken out of the package. There is no chocolate coating, and the scent of butter spreads as soon as you take it out of the bag.

Roast crushed pistachios are mixed in the ice cream and can be visually confirmed.

When you eat it, you can enjoy the rich flavor of butter as if you were eating butter itself the moment you put it in your mouth. As the ice cream melts in your mouth, the fragrant scent of pistachio spreads. Roasted pistachio is accented with both texture and flavor, and it is surprising that it does not lose to the rich aroma of butter. In addition, because the ice cream itself is full of butter and has a lot of oil, especially when it melts, the texture gets sticky.

`` Biting pistachio butter ice '' has been sold nationwide from February 21, 2023 for 216 yen including tax.

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