Meta announces paid service 'Meta Verified' that allows you to get Facebook and Instagram certification badges for 1600 yen per month

A paid service called ` ` Meta Verified '' that allows Meta to acquire a certification badge (blue check mark displayed next to the account) on Facebook and Instagram is $ 11.99 per month (about 1600 yen) for the web version, 14.99 per month for the mobile version Announced that it will be sold for dollars (about 2000 yen).

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Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced a paid service `` Meta Verified '' that gives Facebook and Instagram accounts a certification badge to increase visibility on the platform and provide priority customer support. bottom. Meta Verified will be available in Australia and New Zealand in the fourth week of February 2023.

The verification badge is displayed on Facebook with a blue check mark next to the account name as shown below.

For Instagram it is as follows. Verified badges have been used on both platforms to essentially indicate public figures, corporate accounts, etc. as official accounts.

Regarding Meta Verified, Zuckerberg said, ``This week we will release Meta Verified. The service will verify the identity of the user and give the account a blue badge (verification badge), providing extra protection against impersonated accounts. It is a subscription service that allows you to acquire and directly access customer support.This new feature improves reliability and security across Meta's services.'

To purchase Meta Verified, users must meet minimum activity requirements, be over the age of 18, and provide identification that matches their Facebook or Instagram photo. In addition, Meta explains that there are no plans to make changes to accounts that have already acquired a certification badge.

In addition, users who purchase Meta Verified can get exclusive stickers that can be used in Instagram stories and reels, and get 100 free stars every month that are necessary for throwing money to creators on Facebook.

In addition, at the time of writing the article, corporate accounts cannot obtain a verification badge through Meta Verified, and accounts that have obtained a verification badge need a confirmation process to change their profile name, user name, birthday, and profile photo. It will be.

Meta Verified can also be called the Meta version of the paid service `` Twitter Blue '' that sells authenticated badges that began selling immediately after Twitter was acquired by Mr. Elon Musk, but overseas media The Verge said, `` Meta is a user It's obligatory to submit ID for verification, and it seems like it's taking measures to protect against fake accounts, but it's unclear if this is effective. I just pray that a large number of spoofed accounts will not occur .'

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Meta has drastically reduced advertising revenue by enabling `` App Tracking Transparency (ATT) ' ' that allows users to choose whether Apple allows user tracking for advertising purposes, and advertising revenue will be 100 in 2022 It was announced that it had decreased by more than 100 million dollars (about 1.3 trillion yen). Due to a significant decrease in revenue, Meta will dismiss 11,000 people, equivalent to about 13% of all employees, at the end of 2022.

Meta Verified will be released as a way to improve such a difficult business situation, but Twitter, which also started Twitter Blue to build a new revenue source, has only 180,000 as of mid-January 2023. It is reported that only Twitter Blue members have been obtained.

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