A new development of the sleepless strategy game 'Civilization' series will be announced

Publisher 2K Games and developer Firaxis Games have announced that the latest installment in the classic turn-based strategy game series, Civilization, is in development. The latest numbering work at the time of writing the article is ' Sid Meier's Civilization VI ' released in October 2016, and more than six years have already passed since its release.

A New Era Begins at Firaxis Games | Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

The 'Civilization' series is a popular series of turn-based strategy games that aim to prosper by manipulating real civilizations such as Japan, the United States, and India. Known for its high toxicity. The latest numbering work at the time of writing such a 'Civilization' article was 'Sid Meier's Civilization VI' that appeared in October 2016, and although various expansion packs have been released, the announcement of a new work was eagerly awaited.

Meanwhile, 2K Games and Firaxis Games announced on February 17, 2023 that they are developing a new Civilization series. In addition, it was announced that Steve Martin, who was the studio head of Firaxis Games, will retire, and Heather Hazen, who has served as the executive producer of 'Fort Knight' at Epic Games, will be appointed as the new studio head. increase.

At the time of the announcement, Mr. Hazen said, ``I am honored to inherit the glorious legacy of Firaxis Games, including the announcement that a new work in the legendary Civilization series is under development.'' ``I am the best developer in the industry. I am fortunate to be able to work with and have plans to take the Civilization series to new heights for millions of players around the world.'

In addition, Mr. Martin, who retired from the studio head, said, 'After 27 years of tenure and the release of more than 32 games, I will retire as the studio head of Firaxis Games.' I am grateful for the opportunity to work with some people.I am proud of the games developed by Firaxis Games and their reputation in the industry.'

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