I tried to thoroughly verify whether the ultra-compact dishwasher 'SOLOTA' can achieve both space saving performance and cleaning performance

Panasonic's ultra-compact dishwasher '

SOLOTA ' is characterized by its high space-saving performance that it can be installed if only an A4 size floor space is secured . I was wondering how much SOLOTA's cleaning ability is, so I tried washing dishes with a lot of dirt such as 'a plate left for a day after eating curry' and 'a mug with coffee'.

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◆ 1: Check the amount of dishes in the cabinet
◆2: Procedure for washing dishes
◆3: Temperature during washing & drying
◆4: Check cleaning performance
◆ 5: Check power consumption

◆ 1: Check the amount of dishes in the cabinet
The tableware that can be washed at one time with SOLOTA is 'one serving of tableware + α'. In order to reproduce the tableware for a little more one meal, I prepared `` 1 bowl, 1 bowl, 3 plates, 1 cup, 1 set of chopsticks ''.

It looks like this when you put it in the warehouse. It seems that no more can be entered.

It looks like this when you put a plate with a diameter of 24 cm. If you put a large plate, you won't be able to fit other dishes. When using SOLOTA, it seems better to choose smaller tableware.

◆2: Procedure for washing dishes
I will actually wash the dishes. This time, I want to test the cleaning power, so I prepared dishes with a lot of dirt, such as 'a plate that has been left for a day after eating curry' and 'a mug that has been left with coffee for a long time.'

The procedure for washing dishes is like this. First, fill the tank with water.

Then add detergent. This time I used the '

Finish Condensed Power Cube ' that came with the main unit.

After adding the detergent, set the dishes.

Close the door and press the start button to start washing and drying.

In the movie below, you can see how cleaning and drying are actually performed and the volume of the sound that is generated.

How to wash and dry dishes with an ultra-compact dishwasher 'SOLOTA' - YouTube

Washing & drying was completed in 2 hours and 4 minutes. After drying, wait about 30 minutes for the dishes to cool before removing them.

The crockery was mostly dry, but the mug had a hollow bottom, so it held water.

◆3: Temperature during washing & drying
I measured the temperature during washing with an infrared thermography. The maximum temperature on the front is 46.6 degrees.

The sides are 40.6 degrees.

The exhaust port was 70.0 degrees. The exhaust port gets hot, so be careful not to let small children or pets touch it.

◆4: Check cleaning performance
The results of the cleaning power verification are as follows. First of all, it looks like this before washing the 'dish left for a day after eating curry'. Curry that became Kapikapi is sticking.

This is what it looks like after washing. There is no oiliness at all, and it is finished with a squeaky touch.

Plates with oil or sauce from fried foods.

After washing, it is pure white and shiny.

A mug that has been left with coffee for a long time.

It washed very nicely.

A glass cup that has turned white after drinking milk.

After washing, it regained its transparency. I don't see any leftovers.

As a result of actually washing dirty dishes with SOLOTA, we found that it has sufficient cleaning power even though it is ultra-compact. It perfectly removes stains that are difficult to wash, such as 'curry sticks', so once you use it, you won't be able to go back to hand washing.

◆ 5: Check power consumption
As a result of measuring the power consumption of washing and drying with a watt checker, it was found that it consumes 0.25 kWh of power per time. At the time of writing the article, in the case of TEPCO's

metered lighting B plan , it is 19.88 yen per kWh, so the electricity charge per use is 4.97 yen. In addition, in the case of Kansai Electric Power's meter-rate lighting B plan , it is 17.91 yen per kWh, so the electricity charge per use is about 4.48 yen.

In addition, SOLOTA is sold at the Panasonic official shop for 37,620 yen including tax, and at the time of article creation, it is also available at Amazon.co.jp for 37,620 yen including tax.

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