Chinese companies are developing ChatGPT-like style products one after another

Interactive AI 'ChatGPT' capable of natural dialogue with humans has

gained more than 100 million active users in just two months since its appearance, and it is clear that it is gaining popularity around the world . While it was reported that Google announced ' Bard ' to compete with ChatGPT, it was found that Chinese technology companies are also developing ChatGPT-like AI one after another.

Chinese tech majors rushing to prove tech similar to ChatGPT TechNode

Chinese e-commerce giant to launch ChatGPT-style product

According to TechNode, which publishes technology-related information in China, ChatGPT is in a state of sweeping domestic topics, even though ChatGPT is not officially provided in China.

As if to compete with ChatGPT, which is also popular in China, Baidu, a major search engine , has revealed that it will integrate technologies like ChatGPT into Baidu. Baidu has begun developing an AI chatbot ' ERNIE bot/Wenxin Yiyan ' in December 2022, and is enthusiastic about incorporating its own AI trained in Chinese and English into search to 'revolutionize the search experience.' increase.

Starting with Baidu, a number of Chinese technology giants have announced that they are developing their own conversational AI. Alibaba, a major IT company, is conducting an internal test of a service similar to ChatGPT, and plans to use it in combination with a communication platform for business ' DingTalk '. In addition, Youdao, NetEase's online learning division, is working on AI development for education and aims to apply it to English education and correction of essays written in Chinese.

In addition, e-commerce giant will soon release an industrial conversational AI ' ChatJD ' to provide added value such as generating product summaries on shopping sites and assisting with financial analysis. announced that it was planned said that while viewing ChatGPT as a rival, it plans to differentiate itself by leveraging the company's experience in fields such as e-commerce, logistics, and payments.

Due to the enthusiastic popularity of ChatGPT, investors are chasing related stocks in the Chinese stock market, and the so-called 'ChatGPT concept stocks' are booming in the market. ChatGPT is also the top search keyword on Chinese social platforms and search platforms, and as of February 4, 2023, the number of daily searches for 'ChatGPT' on WeChat has increased by 515.7% from the previous day to about 38 million. became. After that, the number of searches increased rapidly, and it is known that it reached 95 million times after 5 days.

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