A tool that can build a chatbot using a language model equivalent to ChatGPT without programming has appeared

The history of 'chatbots', in which algorithms automatically respond to texts you enter, has a long history and is already in operation on messaging apps and websites. The ability to build such a chatbot's conversational ability using the language model GPT-3.5 API, which is also the base of OpenAI's ChatGPT, has been installed in the conversational AI construction platform ' mebo '. Mr. maKnugi , who operates it, has announced it on his blog.

A story about developing a tool that makes it easy to create a chatbot using a model equivalent to ChatGPT

According to maKunugi, mebo is a service for building high-performance chatbots with no code, that is, almost no programming. Advanced programming knowledge is required to build a chatbot, but with mebo anyone can prepare a chatbot optimized for their service.

Below is a movie of an AI interviewer that combines mebo with a 3D avatar digital human. You can answer the digital human's question with text input and see how the digital human responds to the content.

[With subtitles] I tried to interview a digital human - YouTube

The main point of mebo is to give GPT-3.5 'AI's self-introduction', 'AI's name', 'AI's conversation example and content registered with mebo' as a prompt, and 'I want to customize the chatbot's answer'. The point that it can meet the demand. Above all, mebo allows you to set the chatbot's first person, self-introduction, tone of voice, etc. in detail, so one of the advantages is that you can give the chatbot a 'character' that ChatGPT does not have.

In fact, on the following site, you can have a conversation with a conversation AI modeled after Mr. maKnugi. By registering information in advance with mebo, it is possible to build a chatbot that has a unique character while having conversational capabilities equivalent to ChatGPT.

Talk to maKunugi.

In addition, chatbots customized with mebo can operate not only on websites but also on multiple platforms such as LINE and Slack, and can also have conversations via API, so it will be possible to incorporate conversation functions into various products.

mebo itself is a service that can be used basically free of charge, and it is a system that increases the upper limit of the number of conversations per month, the upper limit of the number of scenarios that can be registered, the upper limit of the number of external API connections, and the upper limit of the number of agents that can be created with a monthly paid plan. However, mebo uses an OpenAI API key to use GPT-3.5, and apart from the mebo plan, pay-as-you-go billing based on the number of tokens issued by OpenAI is also involved in using GPT-3.5, so be careful.

GPT-3.5 is a model that 'allows for natural dialogue with a high degree of accuracy similar to human speech', and is good at understanding and summarizing the content of information and gaining insight from a small amount of information. not. Therefore, it should be noted that GPT-3.5's responses are often erroneous or broken, even though they appear to be spoken by humans. MaKunugi also calls attention to the fact that OpenAI's terms prohibit extreme expressions, political expressions, and violent expressions.

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