Reported that the assessment amount decreased by 98% to about 124,000 yen when putting out a Mac Pro three years ago purchased for about 6.7 million yen in Apple's official trade-in

Journalist David Immel, who purchased the `` Mac Pro '', the top model of Mac devices released by Apple in December 2019, for $ 52,199 (about 6.7 million yen), Apple's official trade-in program `` Apple Trade '' In ', it is reported that the purchase was made for 970 dollars (about 124,000 yen), a decrease of 98%.

Apple offers $970 in trade-in value for $52,199 Mac Pro | Hacker News

The Mac Pro released by Apple in 2019 is equipped with a maximum of 28 core Intel Xeon processors and is a so-called 'monster PC' that can be expanded up to 1.5 TB of memory. bottom.

Monster machine 'Mac Pro' with 28 core Intel Xeon processor & maximum 1.5 TB memory announced - GIGAZINE

Mr. Imel, who purchased such a Mac Pro for $ 52,199 (about 6.7 million yen) at that time, was able to purchase it at the same price as the original price of $ 52,199 (about 6.7 million yen) as of January 18, 2023. I'm sure.

In response to Mr. Immel's tweet, one user said, ``The maximum trade-in price is also a terrible price,'' indicating that the maximum trade-in price of Mac Pro is $ 1,250 (about 160,000 yen). The maximum trade-in price at the Apple Store in Japan was 103,000 yen.

Mr. Immel asked, 'Is there anything other than virtual currency that has fallen 50 times in value in three years?' I can't even do it,' he left a sarcastic tweet.

In a thread on the social news site Hacker News that covered this information, ``Apple's trade-in price tends to be set according to the basic configuration.If you select multiple customization options, the upper limit of the PC price and trade-in price. The gap will widen sharply.”

Also, 'PC customizations are generally ignored during trade-ins. If you're looking to upgrade your PC frequently using trade-ins, avoid BTO options as much as possible when purchasing, and use the base configuration. Please select ” was also sent.

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