Price of iPhone 8 is expected to be in the late 90,000 yen range and 256 GB model is expected to be about 120,000 yen

The price of "iPhone 8 (tentative name)", which is expected to be announced and released in 2017 when Apple will be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, will be from 870 dollars (about 97,000 yen), with the 256 GB model predicted to be the top model It is announced that the price will be $ 1070 (about 119,000 yen).

Analyst: iPhone 8 to start at $ 870, max out at $ 1,070 for 256 GB model | 9to 5Mac

This forecast was made public by UBS analyst Steven Milunovich. Mr. Milunovich said in the past that "iPhone 8 will start from a price that cuts down to $ 1,000", and this announcement is also in line with this.

Milunovich's grounds for "cut off $ 1,000" are the "1,000 dollar wall" that the user's willingness to buy is divided into 1,000 dollars. The model of 1070 dollars is said to be 256 GB, but the capacity of the model of 870 dollars is unknown at this moment.

There are multiple expectations about the price of iPhone 8, and Simona Jankowski of Goldman SachsIt is $ 999 for the 128 GB model, $ 1099 for the 256 GB model(About 110,000 yen and about 120,000 yen). The big difference from Mr. Milunovich's expectation is the price difference of the cheapest model, but considering that the price setting of the iPhone of the year is set in increments of 100 dollars, the capacity of the $ 870 model will be seen to be 64 GB It seems to be said that it is a reasonable line.

Milunovich expects iPhone 8 to account for 45% of iPhone series sales. Also, since it seems that the average unit price of iPhone as a whole will rise to 730 dollars (about 80 thousand yen), it is announcing that Apple's stock price rises from 165 dollars to 170 dollars and is the timing of "buying" .

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