Twitter co-founder-launched Medium launches its own community on Mastodon amid ``disconnection from Twitter''

Medium , an article posting platform launched by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, has opened its own instance ' ' on Mastodon , which is attracting attention as an alternative service to Twitter .

Medium embraces Mastodon. The fediverse is a breath of fresh air… | by Tony Stubblebine | Jan, 2023 | 3 Min Read

Mastodon, an open SNS, allows users to create accounts on different servers (instances), and each instance has its own culture. However, you can communicate with users on different instances by creating an account on any instance.

Such a Mastodon instance was opened by Medium, which was launched by Williams, co-founder of Twitter. Medium explains why it launched its own instance of '', saying, 'Today we launched an instance on Mastodon to help authors, publications and readers find a worthy home in the Fediverse . ” explains.

In addition, Medium CEO Tony Stubblebein said, ``We believe that Medium's mission is to deepen the understanding of people around the world by sharing the best ideas and the best information, and this goes beyond the media. To this day, we've focused on article-style writing, and Medium is the name because we wanted to be the home of medium-sized writing on the internet. On the other hand, Mastodon is a medium that allows you to post short articles of up to 500 characters, so we would like to expand our domain to include short article media by opening an instance of Mastodon ''. ”, He talks about the reason for launching the instance on Mastodon.

A Medium official account ' @[email protected] ' is immediately created in the unique instance '' created on Mastodon. The account aims to 'promote smart information and ideas, discover and recommend interesting accounts'.

Medium says it will start inviting select authors and publications from January 13, 2023 local time, and recommends creating an account directly from here if you want to join the early group. In addition, the rule of '' will be in compliance with Medium's policy . In addition, it seems that they are also working on creating an option to create an account on the instance with a Medium account.

There are many instances of Mastodon, but the advantages of creating an account on a Medium instance are: reliable infrastructure and moderation; short domain names for easy username sharing; improved onboarding ,” and “interesting local feeds.”

Medium's official account '@[email protected]' immediately said, 'Hello, this is the official Medium account we created in our new instance! '' is our new home, where writers and publishers We're pushing things, sharing stories, and trying to deepen our understanding of Mastodon and Fediverse.'

In an interview with Bloomberg , Twitter co-founder and Medium founder Biz Stone said, 'I've been messing with Mastodon lately. I still don't know if I'm doing something wrong. 's Twitter experience is not great.The people I follow are not tweeting anymore, so I have no idea what's going on in the world.' I was making it clear.

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