From February 1, 2023, you will be able to receive ad revenue even for short videos on YouTube, and with the revision of the partner program, you will also need to agree to the new regulations by July 10 to continue monetizing on YouTube.

In September 2022, YouTube announced that it will revise its partner program and will be able to receive advertising revenue even with YouTube's short video ' YouTube Short '. It has been revealed that monetization of this short video will start on February 1, 2023. In addition, since the basic regulations have been revised due to the revision of the partner program, it is necessary to agree to the new regulations by July 10, 2023 in order to continue monetizing on YouTube.

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YouTube says it has restructured its partner program rules and added new modules to allow creators to create videos in various formats and earn money on YouTube. All creators who wish to monetize on YouTube will be able to expand their monetization opportunities by signing the 'basic terms', which are the basic terms of the contract, and then selecting the necessary contract modules. It will be possible.

The 'Basic Rules' that all creators must agree to include new rules such as payment methods from YouTube, program basics such as content policies, and changes to country pass-through and rights processing .

The contract modules provided by the new partner program include a 'video watch page monetization module' that applies to long-form videos and live videos, and a 'short video monetization module' that applies to YouTube shorts.

・Video playback page monetization module
Full-length videos or live streaming videos distributed within YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids are classified as 'video watch pages'. Ads and YouTube Premium monetization for long-form or live-streamed videos watched on video watch pages or embedded on other sites in YouTube video players requires consent to the watch page monetization module. For existing creators in the Partner Program, consent to this module is required to continue earning ad revenue from video watch pages.

・Short video monetization module
The short video monetization module is for monetizing ads served between short videos in short feeds. By agreeing to this module, you will be able to start earning from short feed ads and YouTube Premium based on the number of views of your eligible short videos, starting as early as February 1, 2023. If you agree after February 1, 2023, revenue sharing for YouTube short ads will be calculated starting from the date you agreed. If you'd like to learn more about how revenue sharing works for YouTube Shorts ads, check out our YouTube Shorts Monetization Policy .

In addition, in order to use a series of audience funding functions such as channel memberships, Super Chat, Super Stickers, Super Thanks, etc. to earn money while interacting with fans, you need to agree to the 'Payment Product Memorandum'. There is also However, since there is no change in this 'Memorandum of Understanding on Paid Products', users who have already agreed do not need to newly agree to this provision.

As always, if you want to continue monetizing YouTube, you must agree to the revised Partner Program Basic Terms. Please note that if you do not agree to the new terms by July 10, 2023, your channel will be removed from the Partner Program and your monetization agreement will be terminated. In order to return to the program once the monetization agreement has been terminated, it is necessary to re-apply after meeting the terms of use again.

YouTube has also released a video explaining the new partner program rules.

[Request for response] New terms and conditions affecting all creators in the YouTube Partner Program-YouTube

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