Steam achieves 10 million simultaneous in-game players, increasing trend from new corona pandemic

On Steam, Valve's game distribution platform, the number of simultaneous in-game connections exceeded 10 million for the first time on January 7, 2023, and the number of simultaneous online connections exceeded 32 million.

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Steam breaks records with 10 million concurrent in-game players - The Verge

According to SteamDB, which unofficially collects Steam data, at 14:00 UTC on January 7, there were 10,082,055 active 'in-game players' who were playing games on Steam. The number of 'simultaneous online users', which indicates people who are online even if they are not playing games, was recorded at 32,286,301.

Furthermore, 24 hours later, at 14:00 on January 8 (Coordinated Universal Time), the number of in-game players reached 10,271,632 and the number of simultaneous online users reached 33,078,963.

Looking at SteamDB, the number of in-game players and concurrent online users on Steam has been steadily increasing since the beginning of 2020, when the global pandemic of the new coronavirus began. In March 2020, Steam recorded 20,313,451 concurrent online users, and in March 2022, it set a record of 30 million concurrent online users. Also, January 7, 2023 was the first time that the number of in-game players exceeded 10 million.

According to The Verge, the game with the most simultaneous connections on Steam on January 7, 2023 was the competitive FPS game 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ', followed by Vlave's MOBA ' Dota 2 '. , And it seems that the 3rd place was the Among Us-like werewolf action game ' Goose Goose Duck '.

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