YouTube announces that it will introduce an option to ``lighten the penalty if you receive educational training even if you receive a policy violation warning''

YouTube has a rule called ' community guidelines ', and at the time of article creation, channels that received three violation warnings in 90 days will be suspended. From August 29, 2023, YouTube announced that it will be possible to select the option to reduce the warning penalty by taking an 'educational training course' when receiving a warning.

An update to Community Guidelines warnings

YouTube is giving creators violating policies a way to wipe out their warnings | TechCrunch

Community guidelines are policies prepared for YouTube users to post 'spam and deceptive behavior', 'sensitive content', 'violent or dangerous content', 'regulated items', 'misinformation', etc. is prohibited.

In September 2019, YouTube introduced the `` 3 strike system '' as a warning method for creators who violate community guidelines. This is a system that the channel will be suspended if you receive 3 warnings in 90 days. The first and second warnings do not freeze the channel, but clearly indicate ``what actions lead to violation of the guidelines'' so that the creators themselves can learn their mistakes.

YouTube revised the violation warning system to encourage caution and reconfirmation of policies before ``3 strikes''-GIGAZINE

YouTube states that 'over 80% of creators who have been warned will never violate their policies again.' However, since the community guidelines themselves have been updated and the content has changed, creators have said that they want resources to understand the policy delineation. Also, if you receive a violation warning twice in 90 days, you will not be able to post videos for two weeks, which may interfere with the creator's posting schedule, which may have a significant impact on the creator's earnings and mental health. not.

Therefore, YouTube announced that it will start an educational training course. Going forward, if creators are flagged for uploading policy-violating content, they will be offered a course to learn how to avoid uploading policy-violating content. After completing this course, the warning will be lifted if the same policy is not violated for 90 days. However, if the same policy is violated again within 90 days, the video in question will be deleted and the author will be issued a new warning.

YouTube claims that the 3 strike system itself has not changed, but until now it was ``warning if you violated the community guidelines'', but in the new system, ``if you violate the policy XX included in the community guidelines, Warning', warnings are issued for each policy, so it can be said that there is more grace before video posting is paused or the channel is frozen.

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