This is the first place! GIGAZINE Articles & YouTube Top 10 Ranking 2022

First, based on the measurement results of Google Analytics, I arranged the articles in order from the 10th place created in 2022.

10th place:Cambodian government rages against women picking rare ``plants like penis''-GIGAZINE

9th place: Due to Elon Mask, Twitter's copyright infringement warning system is broken and it is possible to upload the whole movie - GIGAZINE

◆ 8th place: Amazon Prime's annual membership fee is raised, about 2000 yen raised - GIGAZINE

◆ 7th place: As a result of skipping time to cancel the game's ``10 years not playing'' achievement, the font display of Steam is confused as a result of hitting the ``2038 problem'' - GIGAZINE

6th place:A Chinese rocket with more than 20 tons will fall in an ``out of control'' state in a few days-GIGAZINE

◆ 5th place: ``'' that automatically generates nude images with a custom AI algorithm - GIGAZINE

◆ 4th place: What is the reason why the motor developed by a 17-year-old boy is attracting attention as 'may change the future of electric vehicles'? -GIGAZINE

3rd place: The picture drawn by the image generation AI 'Midjourney' took first place at the art competition and the human artist was furious-GIGAZINE

2nd place: Pointed out that Epson printers have a hidden ``program that stops working after a certain period of use'' and is contrary to ``the right to repair''-GIGAZINE

◆ 1st place: A mountain of gold coins equivalent to 40 million yen is discovered from under the floor of the kitchen of a general household - GIGAZINE

Next is the top 10 'impressions' of YouTube Analytics, focusing on videos uploaded to GIGAZINE's official YouTube account, focusing on videos published in 2022.

◆ 10th place: I tried to verify the carbonic acid holding power of Tiger Thermos 'Vacuum Insulated Carbonated Bottle' - YouTube

◆ 9th place: Play JR East official business simulator at home 'JR East Train Simulator' Keihin Tohoku Line southbound (E233 series 1000 series) Omiya ~ Saitama Shintoshin play - YouTube

8th place: 3D data scanned with 'Trnio 3D Scanner' looks like this - YouTube

◆ 7th place: Microsoft's two-screen smartphone 'Surface Duo 2' is easy to fingerprint authentication - YouTube

6th place: 'ELDEN RING' Appearance of giving a fatal blow from guard counter and jump attack - YouTube

◆ 5th place: Play Genshin on the 3rd generation iPhone SE - YouTube

4th place: I tried playing 'Puyo Go' where you can learn the rules of Go roughly while playing-YouTube

3rd place: `` Machi Asobi vol.25 '' Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba / Infinite Train Departs-YouTube

◆ 2nd place: `` MAR1D '' play movie that moves `` Super Mario Bros. '' from Mario's first-person perspective-YouTube

1st place: Coperni's performance ``Create a dress just by spraying a naked woman''-YouTube

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That's why I look forward to working with you next year.

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