It turns out that Meta was discussing the construction of 'Next Twitter' taking advantage of Twitter's confusion by Earon Mask

The New York Times of overseas media reported that Meta, which owns Instagram, was brainstorming about building 'Next Twitter' while Twitter was confused following the acquisition by Elon Musk. In addition to Meta, competing services such as

Mastodon and Tumblr are looking for opportunities to gain share, and startups such as Hive Social and Post .

Twitter's Rivals, Including Meta, Try to Capitalize on Musk-Induced Chaos - The New York Times

According to the New York Times, in November 2022, immediately after the acquisition of Twitter, it was found that Meta employees were discussing the construction of 'Next Twitter' online. Meeting posts viewed by The New York Times include the rollout of a feature called 'Instagram Notes' that allows users to share short messages with followers and friends on Instagram, the development of a new text-based app using Instagram's technology, One suggestion was to add a simple text feed. In addition, it seems that candidates for the name of the new function such as 'Realtime', 'Real Reels', 'Instant' were also mentioned.

'Twitter is in danger and Meta needs to reclaim its power,' said one employee who participated in the brainstorming.・The Times reports.

Since Mr. Mask acquired Twitter, reforms such as

mass layoffs and the resurrection of frozen accounts have been carried out, and some celebrities have revealed that they will leave Twitter .

Under such circumstances, Mastodon, a distributed social network service, has attracted attention as an alternative to Twitter. It is reported that the number of users increased by 230,000 in one week after Mr. Mask's acquisition, and that monthly active users exceeded 1 million on November 7, 2022.

Mastodon's monthly active users reach 1 million as Elon Mask's reform progresses on Twitter - GIGAZINE

Founded in 2016, Mastodon is a short-post type SNS similar to Twitter, but the server can be operated freely by anyone, and it differs in that there are multiple independently operated servers. increase. As such, there are no network-wide terms of service, but rather individual server terms.

In addition, Hive Social, a microblogging service that appeared in 2019, also said that the number of users doubled to 1.8 million after the acquisition of Mr. Mask's Twitter. According to founder Raluca Pop, the migration of fan communities such as K-POP and Star Wars from Twitter led to a rapid increase in the number of users.

However, Hive Social is managed with $ 25,000 (about 3.4 million yen) raised from Mr. Pop's personal loan and individual investors, and $ 300,000 (about 40 million yen) raised by crowdfunding. , There are only four employees. As a result, Hive Social faced issues such as duplicate usernames and an increase in users not flagging NSFW content, leading to a temporary shutdown of its servers in December to address security issues. rice field.

Mr. Pop pointed out that as Twitter underwent transformation under Mr. Mask, many users are turning to Hive Social. We are planning to hire more moderators and engineers in the future.

In addition, the microblogging service Tumblr, which started service in 2007, also posted a thread on Twitter about ``Why you should join Tumblr'' one week after Mr. Mask's acquisition of Twitter, and started actively acquiring users. I'm here.

The number of downloads of the Tumblr app on the App Store increased by 62% in the week following Mr. Mask's acquisition of Twitter. Automattic, which runs Tumblr, is also recruiting for employees who have been laid off from Twitter.

Not only existing SNSs are taking advantage of Twitter's confusion, but also newly emerging SNSs are strengthening their presence. Noam Bardin, former CEO of navigation app Waze, launched a new social platform called 'Post.' on November 14th. Post. has 350,000 people on the waiting list even after the service launch, and 67,000 accounts are active as of December 6th.

Gabor Cselle, Twitter's product manager from 2014 to 2016, created a simple Twitter alternative called T2 . T2 at the time of writing the article is still a prototype, and there is not enough funds to actually release the service, but many former Twitter employees are participating in the Slack channel and supporting it. ``I'm not going to deviate too much from the established 280-character format,'' Cselle said.

Scott Galloway, a professor of management at New York University and a funder of Post., said, 'Given the toxic environment surrounding Twitter and the behavior of its new owners, I see great opportunities in microblogging platforms with different business models. I think there's a lot of opportunity on social media platforms right now, and people are picking up on that.'

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