Earon Mask's acquisition of Twitter increased the number of Mastodon users by 230,000 in just one week, and the number of active users reached a record high

Elon Musk, who completed the acquisition of Twitter on October 27, 2022, became the sole director by expelling all other management at the same time as becoming CEO. Due to the fear of Mr. Mask messing up Twitter, many Twitter users have moved to Mastodon, a microblogging service, and the number has reached 230,000 in a week.

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Mastodon tweeted on November 3, 2022, 'The number of people who switched to Mastodon exceeded 230,000 in the past week alone, and many more people returned to their old accounts, so the number of active users is the highest ever. We have reached 655,000 people.'

Mastodon founder Eugen Rojoko also said, ``Since October 27, the number of new users has increased by 199,430, and the number of new servers has increased by 437. As a result, the number of active users the other day was 608,837. This is the highest ever for Mastodon and Fediverse , the server cluster that includes Mastodon .'

Mastodon has been attracting attention as a migration destination for Twitter users for some time, including an increase of about 30,000 new registrants in April 2022, when Elon Musk's acquisition offer for Twitter was announced.

In addition, Mr. Mask, who completed the acquisition of Twitter, immediately instructed the layoff of half of the employees, dismissed Twitter's former CEO Parag Agrawal, and said, 'Twitter will not be a hell picture of free participation.' Since he began to speak out and wield power openly, famous Twitter users such as Mr. Shonda Rhimes , known as the producer of many popular dramas, have announced that they will leave Twitter one after another, Mastodon and Discord. has become a receptacle for people who want to migrate from Twitter.

People who move to Mastodon and Discord for fear that Elon Mask will mess up Twitter appear one after another - GIGAZINE

According to data analysis company Bot Sentinel, about 877,000 accounts were deactivated from October 27, when Musk acquired Twitter, to November 1, and another 497,000 accounts were deactivated. is said to have been suspended. As a result, it is said that the number of users lost by Twitter may reach 1 million in total.

Security firm VPNOverview also reported that ``Searches for 'how to delete Twitter' worldwide increased by 500% in the week from October 24 to October 31.'' He pointed out that the number of people considering removal had increased sixfold over normal.

Mastodon is a service that allows users to post up to 500 characters in a ' toot ' equivalent to a tweet, and the user experience is said to be similar to that of Twitter. On the other hand, it differs from Twitter in that it operates as a decentralized social media platform run by thousands of independent servers, each with its own rules.

Regarding the reason why many new users are flowing into Mastodon, Mastodon is ``Because it is decentralized and open source, it will not be sold or go bankrupt.In addition, we respect the privacy of users and control the network. It's in the hands of the people.In other words, Mastodon is chosen because it's a product on top of a protocol, just like Twitter used to be.' It was analyzed that the merits that are not available are preferred.

Due to the rapid increase in the number of users, one of the most popular servers, 'Mastodon.Social', experienced a problem with slow response. Therefore, Mr. Rojoko announced that he will strengthen the server of 'Mastodon.Social'.

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