The camouflage performance of the popular game CoD is too high, and the skin is too popular and it breaks into the top sales of Steam

The Call of Duty series, a popular shooting game played all over the world, including Japan, distributes skin packs that change the appearance of weapons and characters. Among such skin packs, the black-looking paid skin pack “ Los Angeles Thieves Pack 2023 ” has broken into the top sales of Steam. This skin is characterized by its black appearance, and it seems that players who pay attention to its low visibility are purchasing it.

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Steam: Call of Duty League™ - Los Angeles Thieves Pack 2023

The skin pack 'Los Angeles Thieves Pack 2023', which has eaten into the top sales rankings of Steam, is a skin pack with the motif of the e-sports team 'Los Angeles Thieves' that plays an active role in the e-sports league 'Call of Duty League' of the Call of Duty series. is. The 'Los Angeles Thieves Pack 2023' was released as one of a total of 12 team-inspired skin packs, but while the other team's skin packs contained prominent colors such as orange and purple, The 'Los Angeles Thieves Pack 2023' is all black except for the red 'LA' logo on the chest.

The image image when using 'Los Angeles Thieves Pack 2023' in the game is below. Helmets, goggles, backpacks, etc. are all black and it looks like it's easy to blend in in a dark place.

According to CharlieIntel, which provides information related to the Call of Duty series, ``Los Angeles Thieves Pack 2023'' was temporarily

ranked 11th in the US Steam sales ranking. At the time of writing, 'Los Angeles Thieves Pack 2023' is ranked 46th in Steam's global sales ranking. Considering no other team's skin pack has made it into the top 100, the Los Angeles Thieves Pack 2023 is incredibly popular.

Regarding the Call of Duty series skins, the black skin 'Rook' can be released by raising the level of the character 'Roze' to 100 after charging with ' Call of Duty: Warzone ', which is free to play in 2021. has become ahot topic . CharlieIntel describes the 'Los Angeles Thieves Pack 2023' as 'the new Roze skin' based on the above skins.

Also, Los Angeles Thieves member Octane said, 'Go to the store and get the only skin that gives you a competitive edge,' and the low visibility of the 'Los Angeles Thieves Pack 2023' is the game's Acknowledge that it will help you move forward.

In 2021, when the black skin 'Rook' became a hot topic, the development team made adjustments to make the skin look a little brighter. The Los Angeles Thieves Pack 2023 may also see some fixes.

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