I tried playing the network test of 'Pokémon UNITE' where you can enjoy Pokemon x online team strategy battle on Nintendo Switch

The network test of 'Pokémon UNITE ', the first

multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) in the 'Pokemon' series, will be held from 12:00 on Thursday, June 24, 2021 to Saturday, June 26, 2021. It is being held at Nintendo Switch for a limited time. I actually played the network test version to see what kind of game Pokemon can be played like 'League of Legends ' and ' Dota 2'.

Pokémon UNITE Network Test Download Version | My Nintendo Store

You can see what kind of game Pokémon UNITE is in the following movie that you actually played.

Pokemon x Team Strategy Battle game Nintendo Switch 'Pokémon UNITE' looks like this-YouTube

When you start the game for the first time, you need to select the language first.

Select 'Asia' as the area where you live.

After reading and agreeing to the terms of use and reading and confirming the privacy policy, select 'Next'.

The age registered in your Nintendo Account will be confirmed, so select 'Next'.

The top screen looks like this. It is to be noted that the development of Pokémon UNITE, ' the legendary confrontation -Arena of Valor- ' and ' king lordliness engaged in the popular MOBA title, such as' Tencent has been involved.

When you start the game, you first need to configure the player settings. After entering the name, select 'Confirm'.

Next, select the player's gender and skin color from eight types.

6 types of faces

9 types of hairstyles

6 types of hair color

You can choose from two types of fashion. However, there are actually many more varieties available, and you can buy new outfits in-game.

Registration is now complete. In addition to Nintendo Switch, Pokémon UNITE will be released for iOS and Android, and a trainer ID will be provided in addition to the Nintendo account. However, please note that the data of this network test version will not be carried over to the official version.

When the game starts, the tutorial will start. Only the basic operations of 'move the left stick' and 'normal attack on enemies within range with the A button' and the basic rules of the game are taught.

When the tutorial is over ...

The simulated battle started immediately. Pokémon UNITE is a team strategy battle game in which 10 players are divided into two teams to fight. Players choose and operate one of their favorite Pokemon, aiming to destroy the 'goals' set in each other's positions. In the simulated battle, you will be operating

Charizard, but ...

Immediately after the start of the battle, the Pokemon to be operated is a

charmander . In Pokémon UNITE, some Pokemon will gain experience and evolve in battle. Therefore, Charizard cannot be used from the beginning.

As the saying goes, 'I recommend the lower route', if you follow the lower route ...


Aipom. This aipom is not an opponent team, but an enemy Pokemon operated by the CPU. The number '2' is displayed above the aipom.

Defeat Aipom to get Eos Energy. The counter above the ball at the bottom center of the screen will be '2'. One of the purposes of this game is to collect Eos Energy while defeating enemies.

The round area on the field is the 'goal area'. There are red and blue goal areas, of which the red goal is the opponent's goal area.

If you proceed to the opponent's goal area and hit the collected eos energy against the goal area, you will get points for the collected eos energy. Ultimately, the team that collects more of this score wins.

The blue goal belongs to your army and has the effect of recovering your physical strength.

When you are about to be attacked by an enemy, it is also an important strategy to withdraw to your own goal and recover your physical strength.

When I defeated the enemy with a charmander like that, it evolved into

a lizard.

Also, in addition to the normal attack that can be launched with the A button, the 'work' that can be launched with the ZR button and R button will also learn new things in the battle and will be further strengthened.

It looks like this when you pull out a fire punch. However, you can't do it in rapid succession, and once you use it, you need to wait a certain amount of cool time until you can use it again.

Daimonji is more powerful than fire punches, but it also has a longer cool time. In addition, it seems that the 'type compatibility', which is a major feature of Pokemon, is also reflected in its power.

If you defeat the CPU or the opponent team's Pokemon with a stronger lizard, 30 Eos Energy will be accumulated, so hit the enemy's goal area labeled '21/60'.

The number displayed in the goal area is the durability value of the goal area, and it will decrease when the enemy hits Eos Energy. This time, I hit Eos Energy, which exceeds the remaining durability value, so I was able to brilliantly destroy the opponent's goal area. If you can destroy all the goal areas of the opponent team, you will also win the battle.

With that feeling, 5 minutes have passed, so the game set. At the end of the game, I was able to evolve into Charizard properly.

The result is as follows, and the victory of the own army with an overwhelming difference.

After the simulated battle is over, you can get a 'Unite License' from the following 5 types. A unite license is basically a Pokemon that can be used in battle. This time, I got a

fire low called melee attack / speed type.

Unite licenses can be purchased with in-game money. In-game money can be obtained by charging separately, in addition to 'Eoscoin' that allows you to repeat battles. However, the billing system was not released in this network test version.

In addition to battles, Eoscoin also handles daily challenges ...

You can also get it by completing the tutorial.

You can also purchase costumes for player avatars. In addition, such as a backpack or jumper,

U'u and Snorlax also provides a set of costumes that the image of a.

You can also buy items that Pokemon will have during the battle.

You can also dress Pokemon, so you can enjoy matching fashion with trainers and Pokemon.

Online matches are available from the lobby. When you press 'START' ...

10 players match and the game starts. You can choose Pokemon from the united licenses you own, but be aware that you cannot choose Pokemon chosen by others. This time, select the Talonflame you received after the simulated battle.

The online match time limit is 10 minutes. Immediately after the game starts, it starts with


Evolved into

Fletchinder while defeating enemies ...

Further evolved into Talonflame.

While attacking the opponent's Pokemon with a tingling sensation from the front line with the quick-moving Talonflame, you can now use the 'Unite Move' that can be activated with the ZL button.

Talonflame's Unite move is a 'flare sweeper' that pushes away opponents while wearing flames and running through long distances at once. Unite moves are more powerful than regular attacks and moves, but they take a long time to become usable, so there are only a few chances to get them in one battle.

With less than two minutes left in the battle, the legendary Pokemon

Thunder appears in the center of the field. Thunder's physical strength is quite high, but it can be defeated by gathering in the center with the whole team and attacking Thunder intensively.

If you defeat Thunder, all the goal areas of the opponent team will break down, and the amount of Eos Energy you can hit will be double the amount of Eos Energy you own. This is your chance to destroy your opponent's goal area at once.

When I broke two goals of my opponent, the time limit of 10 minutes passed and the game set.

The result is as follows, and I managed to win.

Looking at the results, Talonflame was slamming Eos Energy into the goal area, and I was able to shine as a team MVP.

From the details of the game results, it was possible to see at a glance the score transition of each team and which player hit how much eos energy at what timing.

When I actually played the network test version of Pokémon UNITE, I found it to be quite easy to play. Even if you have never actually played MOBA, it is a big point that if you know Pokemon, you can understand the characteristics, power, and compatibility of the purpose of using it. The operation of actually moving the Pokemon and pulling out the move is simple, and even a person who touches MOBA for the first time can understand it immediately. Therefore, for those who are 'interested in MOBA, but their skills and operations seem complicated and they often remember it ...', it is recommended because you can easily touch the genre of MOBA. ..

However, it was a little heavy as a whole, and sometimes the operation was jerky even on the menu screen. Since it is a network test version, it may be different in the official version, so I would like to expect a correction for this weight.

The official version of Pokémon UNITE is scheduled to be distributed in July 2021, and basic play is free.

Pokémon UNITE | 'Pokémon UNITE' Official Website

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