Right-wing extremists are using Elon Musk to campaign to expel anti-fascist activists and left-wing journalists from Twitter


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Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter for about 44 billion dollars (about 6 trillion yen), became CEO of Twitter himself, and actually received a direct request from the user and canceled the account freeze and forced hiding (shadow ban) We are taking dispositions such as suspending accounts that violate the rules that have been left unchecked. Meanwhile, Andy Ngo, a writer known for having an extreme right-wing idea, reported to Mask CEO that the account related to Antifa , an anti-fascist faction that he criticized, was in violation of the terms of service, and was forced to suspend the account. reported.

Twitter Thrills Far-Right Trolls by Silencing Left-Wing Voices

Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Bonin is joined by Chad Lauder, who helped identify and apprehend suspects through an open-source investigation into the Capitol raid , and Vishal, a journalist who covers the far right in Southern California. We are reporting that Pratap Singh's account has been suspended.

Days before Singh's account was suspended, Ngo posted a screenshot of Singh's tweet, stating, 'Los Angeles ANTIFA far-left violent extremist journalist Vishal Singh calls for violence again.' I was tweeting. In addition, in 2021, Mr. Ngo edited a video of Mr. Singh resisting being attacked by a far-right anti-vaccine group, and made a false report that Mr. Singh was the perpetrator.

However, no action was taken to suspend the account in either case, and Mr. Shin said to Twitter management, ``We received a complaint about your account. It turned out that it is not subject to ',' he said.

However, Mr. Shin's account was finally suspended as Mr. Ngo appealed to Mask CEO this time. “My tweet has been deleted, so I will have to restore almost every article I have ever written. Hundreds of articles written by countless journalists have used my tweet,” Shin said. There is also an academic paper citing my tweet, but all these links and embeds are broken,' commented on Mastodon.

In addition, the Texas anti-fascist group `` the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club '' that was in charge of security at LGBTQ+ related events, and the anarchist group `` which has been publishing and distributing anti-authoritarian books and podcasts since the 1990s. CrimethInc account has also been suspended. Both accounts were certified as 'ANTIFA' by Mr. Ngo and were severely criticized.

In addition, Mr. Ngo tried to suspend the Twitter account of anti-fascist researcher Chad Loder in 2021, but failed. . As soon as Mask CEO responded, Mr. Roder's account was suspended for about an hour and a half.

After that, Mr. Roder's account was temporarily revived, but he was accused of ``using another account to escape the account suspension'' for switching to another account that was used for new corona-related activities. It seems that the account has been suspended again.

Roder said, 'I have committed myself to the devotion of far-right extremists to eradicate archives of evidence of their past misdeeds and render them impotent in the future. I'm aware that other accounts have been flooded with reports over the past few weeks, and I'm wondering if Twitter's automated systems are flagging my account for some reason and people aren't checking it at all. I am,” he commented.

In addition, Mr. Roder jokingly shows Mastodon the idea that Mr. Mask is simply suspending his account due to Mr. Rodder.

In fact, it is reported that Twitter has undergone a large-scale personnel reduction by Mask CEO, and about 7,500 employees have been drastically reduced to 2,700. Therefore, it has been pointed out that there may be a shortage of personnel to check the content after receiving reports from users.

The number of Twitter employees has decreased sharply from 7,500 to 2,700 after the acquisition of Earon Mask, and the aim is to actively recruit and aim for ``usage like Japan'' - GIGAZINE

Noting that Twitter has become more tolerant of far-right hate speech due to CEO Musk's sweeping reforms, Roder said, ``While Twitter will probably continue to function as a website and app for some time, it will continue to operate on matters of public importance. It will gradually hollow out as a place to find diverse opinions or as a space for online organizing against far-right extremists.”

In response to The Intercept's article, LGBTQ+ lawyer Alejandra Caraballo said, 'I've said this a million times, but in the end it's not about freedom of speech, it's about power. Far right. 'Extremists shout free speech, but as soon as they are in power they censor who they don't like. Free speech is all about pretexts.'

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