The Brussels branch that was in charge of Twitter's EU response due to Elon Mask's measures was closed, and concerns about compliance occurred among EU officials

Elon Musk, who bought Twitter, has used his management skills and made a large-scale staff reduction that dismissed about two-thirds of the employees . A large number of employees are also retiring due to Mr. Musk's declaration that Twitter will be a ' hardcore workplace ' that works long hours and furiously. Meanwhile, it is reported that Twitter's executive in charge of coordinating with the EU's digital policy department in Europe has retired, and the Brussels branch, which has been negotiating with the EU, has closed.

Closure of Twitter Brussels office prompts online safety fears | Financial Times

Twitter layoffs trigger oversight risk warning from Brussels | TechCrunch

According to the Financial Times, Julia Mozer and Dario La Nasa, who were in charge of Twitter's digital policy in Europe, have retired. These two belonged to Twitter's Brussels branch, leading efforts to comply with the EU's countermeasures against fake news and the Digital Services Act , and it seems that they also had connections with EU politicians.

Mr. Mozer and Mr. La Nasa were not eligible for dismissal in the first layoffs, but Mr. Musk said he has not worked at Twitter since he pressed for a 'hardcore work culture.' It is unclear if the two retired or were fired. Both declined to comment, and Twitter did not respond to a request for comment, according to the Financial Times.

For Twitter, Mozer and La Nasa are needed to comply with EU legislation aimed at policing online content. The departure of the two puts Twitter at greater risk of lawsuits and regulatory action.

Stephen Turner, Twitter's former EU public policy director, said: 'From launching our office in Brussels to building a great team, it's been an incredible journey. We're honored to have the best colleagues in the world and a great partner. I think, there was no boring moment at all, ”he said, revealing that he retired from Twitter.

The EU requires technology companies such as Twitter, which has more than 45 million users, to maintain a 'robust system' to remove content deemed illegal by EU governments. Companies that fail to comply with this obligation must pay fines of up to 6% of the company's annual revenue.

Twitter's Brussels branch is located in the immediate vicinity of the European Commission, the EU's executive body, and it was said that in-depth discussions were held with the EU's digital policy officer. For Twitter, the Brussels branch office is a department that can respond to digital policies, including those of the EU, and can be said to be a very important organization from a strategic point of view. TechCrunch, an IT news site, said, ``If Mr. Musk failed to understand the importance of having an organization like the Brussels branch in the EU to influence lawmakers and law enforcement, the closure of the Brussels branch would be a big deal for Mr. Musk. It could be considered a strategic failure.'

Věra Jourová, vice president of countermeasures against fake news in the EU, said, ``I am concerned about the news that Twitter will be laying off a large number of staff in Europe. needs resources, and we expect Twitter to fully respect and comply with EU law, especially in the context of Russia's fake news strategy. We have been a very useful partner in the fight against hate speech and this must not change.'

Mr. Mask claims that 'hate speech on Twitter has decreased to one-third.'

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