NASCAR driver who ran without slowing speed with wall contact driving method advances to the final with the fastest lap

On the final lap of the NASCAR Cup Series 'Xfinity 500' held on Sunday, October 30, 2022, Ross Chastin of the Trackhouse Racing Team rubbed the car against the wall while turning the curve and without slowing down. He showed a great skill of running through the finish line.

Ross Chastain's video game move to advance to the Championship 4 | NASCAR-YouTube

The 2022 NASCAR Cup Series starts in February. This year's 'Xfinity 500' is a particularly important race, with the championship match and the NASCAR Cup Series championship race coming up next week.

On the final lap of this race, Chastin, who was betting on the final 4th place in the championship, ran while rubbing his car against the wall. Chastain is running on the back wall of the course, and you can see that he is taking a course that is completely different from other players.

Chastain player who does not slow down while raising white smoke.

On this run, I moved up the order and finished 5th to score some points and move into 4th place in the championship. In addition, Brad Keselowski, who entered 4th place after this, was disqualified and moved up to 4th place.

This is an onboard video of Denny Hamlin who was in front of Chastin until just before the finish. We are approaching Keselowski in the front right.

Then Chastain slipped in from the right rear and overtook him, finishing as it was.

Onboard footage of another vehicle.

Chastain's vehicle is captured running through the curve at a furious speed.

About the running method this time, Chastin played the game 'NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup' on the Nintendo GameCube with his brother when he was 8 years old, and it went well. I said I didn't understand. In addition, Chastin recorded the fastest lap in this final lap run.

Ross Chastain 'I fully committed'-YouTube

I couldn't find a play video doing this wall contact running method in NASCAR 2005, but the play video doing the same running method in Gran Turismo is below. It is accelerating with Gyun while contacting the wall.

Dealing with a Wallrider on Gran Turismo-YouTube

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