The qualifying of "2015D1 GP president in Odaiba" which can experience the powerful battle in the middle of the city is like this

Machines exceeding 600 horsepower sprinkle tire smoke and spread a hot drift battle "D1 GRAND PRIXThe series finally opens. I've watched the opening game held in Tokyo · Odaiba.

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People who say "What is D1?" Can understand what kind of motor sports it is by seeing the following movie.

2015D1 GP opener game Odaiba / player practice running is like this - YouTube

Yurikamome / arrived at the ship science galleries station.

As soon as I left the ticket gate I saw the appearance of a special circuit in Odaiba in the opening game of D1 GRAND PRIX.

It seems that the players are already in the test run.

This is the stand looking from the back.

I started infiltrating the course at once.

As I left the aisle next to the first corner, suddenly a sideways machine came in.

In this picture the first corner follows the left side of the machine. The line removal of the D1 machine which enters sideways with respect to the corner is an angle which is impossible in a normal motor race.

The stand is a popular person "Dengin" who is D1Ken NomuraPlayers are also watching.

Although practice running, each car quite serious mode. There are machines that pierce the wall like this.

However, due to the thick sponge barrier in front of the sidewalls, you can avoid big damage.

Course Marshall quickly withdraws the machine.

Immediately after repositioning the sponge, practice running resumed. Behavior just like the actual number.

Move to the camera point that will continue from the second corner to the third corner.

On the stand, for the race tomorrow's race, the total finish of the stand construction was done.

It is as powerful as the machine comes in here.

Showing brilliant drift runs using the sidewall's concrete as much as possibleMinowa Shinjiplayer.

Tire smoke growing Naka woShingo SaitoThe player JZX100.

It's exactly 1000 horsepower with 1 ton of vehicle weightMonsterThe main business of Otori who manipulates is the driver of the nursery school bus.

With so much white smoke, Fuji TV's FCG building is hazy enough to be seen.

Also, occasionally fragments of the tire fall on the course side.

Drone for aerial shooting also appeared and qualifying for round 1 started.

All the players are enthusiastic about running.

Preliminary selection is measured with a machine using GPS "D1 Original Scoring System (DOSS: Dos)". It competes for the height of the overall points such as angle, speed, stability etc. every 4 sectors, and is also contested by the total score adding the score of the judge.

Red-eyed female driverMiyoshi AjimotoPlayers also decided to advance to the finals.

TOKYO DRIFT 2009Took control ofMr. TezukaPlayers and ... ....

2014Drift muscleSeries championHideyuki FujinoAthletes such as athletes won by virtue.

So around 4 pm, qualifying is over. The next day on April 18, 2015 will finally be a single-run final, a follow-up tournament will be held.

In addition, after the qualifying ends are the previous year's series championKuniaki TakahashiDemonstration driving was carried out to such an extent that the course could not be seen with white smoke by the athlete.

2014 D 1 Series Champion Kuniaki Takahashi's Demolan with plenty of white smoke - YouTube

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