Technique to eliminate tattoo just by painting cream is under development

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Skin grafting and laser treatment are necessary to remove tattoos and tattoos that you put in your body once, but since either one places a burden on the body and it is not inexpensive at all costs, tattoos are basically "as a lifetime" It is thought. However, a new cream "Tattoo disappears by simply painting from the top of the skin" has been developed, there is a possibility that the tattoo can be easily eliminated by a completely different method from the past.

When "forever" fades but the ink stays - Dal News - Dalhousie University

As a method of removing tattoos, a method of destroying dye particles using a medical laser is common, but it is difficult to completely remove tattoos deeply carved, and expenses become expensive There is also a drawback that it is. So Alec Falknam, who studies pathology at Dalhousie University in Canada, proposed removing tattoos by a whole new technology. According to Mr. Fork Nam, using the natural healing process of humans, it can eliminate tattoos cheaply without pain.

When tattoos are placed in the human body, the ink injected into the skin is a type of white blood cellsMacrophageYou will be eaten. Macrophage pretends and digests foreign substances such as denatured substances occurring in the body and invaded bacteria, so to speak, it is a so-called "cleaner" in the body, so we also predict tattoo ink as "foreign matter". At this time, there are two kinds of reactions of macrophages to ink contained in the body, one of which carries the dye to the lymph node and removes it, the other literally "eats" the ink, The pigment will deposit deep into the skin. This is a tattoo.

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What Fork Nam studies isBisphosphonate·Liposome· The technology called tattoo removal (BLTR), it can remove tattoo just by applying cream on the skin. The BLTR cream contains a multi-layer lipid capsule "liposome", which makes it easier to deliver ingredients to the back of the skin by using liposomes where several layers of membranes are broken little by little.

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When liposomes enter the cells where the dye is deposited, macrophages will try to move the foreign liposomes to the lymph nodes. At this time, not only liposomes but also dyes contained in the cells are removed from the cells together.

Mr. Fork Nam is currently trying to obtain a patent for BLTR along with the Industry Collaboration Office (ILI) at Dalhousie University. Andrea McCormick, manager of ILI's Health and Life Sciences field, said, "Alec is a pioneer in terms of tattoo removal, already outstanding results in the early stages of the study and it is equally amazing for the next stage Results will come out, products that developed his technology will surely be on the market. "


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