Google will be fined about 24 billion yen, `` Android practices are anti-competitive '' Indian authorities

India's antitrust authority, the Competition Commission of India (CCI), on October 20, 2022, ``engaged in anti-competitive practices using the policy of Android, a mobile OS made by Google,'' to Google for 13.3 billion. A fine of 80 million rupees (about 24.3 billion yen) was imposed. Authorities have questioned practices such as pre-installing Google apps on third-party Android devices, and have asked Google to change its policy along with fines.

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According to market research company Counterpoint, 97% of the 600 million smartphones in India are equipped with Android, making India one of the largest markets for Google. Google is also strengthening its investment in the Indian market, and is also focusing on partnerships with major telecommunications giant Jio Platforms . However, it was reported that CCI has been investigating Google for suspicion of antitrust law since 2019.

And CCI, which announced the results of the survey on October 20, 2022, said `` licensable OS for smartphones '', `` Google Play '', `` app store '', `` non-OS-specific mobile web browser '', and `` online video hosting platform ''. Five markets reported that Google had a dominant position.

Among them, CCI is concerned with Android's practice of ``requiring manufacturers of Android smartphones to preinstall a suite of Google apps such as Google Play, Chrome, and YouTube.'' By forcing manufacturers to engage in unfair practices, they are reducing their ability to develop and sell devices that run on Android forks, strengthening Google's monopoly power.

CCI found these practices violate antitrust laws and fined Google Rs 13.38 billion. Also, ``Restrict apps to be installed for manufacturers'', ``Associate Google Play licenses with pre-installation of other Google apps'', ``Prohibit Android forks from accessing Google Play'', ``Android It is also possible to ban anti-competitive practices that Google is said to have engaged in, such as asking manufacturers not to sell smartphones with forks and ``prohibiting the distribution of third-party app stores through Google Play.'' I am requesting.

Technology media 9to5Google points out that among various orders, Google may strongly oppose orders to ``allow third-party app stores to be distributed on Google Play.''

In recent years, Google's antitrust law has been increasingly monitored, and in 2018, the EU fined 4.34 billion euros (about 570 billion yen at that rate).

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