Google claims in court that 'Google is the most searched word in Bing'

It was reported that Google provided evidence in a lawsuit related to antitrust law in the EU that 'the most searched word in Bing is'Google''. This is allegedly intended to support the claim that Google search is chosen by consumers.

Google Tells Judges It's So Popular It's Bing's Top Search Term --Bloomberg

Google tells EU court it's the # 1 search query on Bing | Ars Technica

'Google' is the most-searched term on Bing, says Google --9to5Google

According to Bloomberg, the US economic media that first reported the case, Google's lawyer in an appeal filed by Google dissatisfied with a record fine of 570 billion yen given by the EU in 2018. Alfonso Ramadorid said, 'The most common search term in Bing is'Google', to support the claim that' users are not forced by Google, they choose and use Google themselves. ' 'Evidence showing' was presented.

In 2018, the European Commission 'required manufacturers to pre-install the Google search app and Chrome as a license condition for the Google Play store.' 'Google search for certain major device manufacturers and mobile network operators. Google paid for it on the condition that the app was pre-installed on the device, 'said Google. It ordered Google to pay a record fine of 570 billion yen or up to 5% of Google's parent company Alphabet's average worldwide sales for violating European Union competition law.

Google's CEO suggests that Android will no longer be free with a fine of 570 billion yen for violating EU antitrust law-GIGAZINE

by Rob Bulmahn

According to Statcounter, which provides statistical information such as the usage rate of IT services, Google's share in search engines is about 92%, which is a big difference from the second-ranked Bing's share rate of about 2.5%. According to Google, Bing is a search engine that Microsoft products such as `` Microsoft Edge'' set as the default, but it is not popular, so users trying to get out of Bing are searching with Google in Bing. ..

Meanwhile, IT news site Ars Technica said, 'Google is said to pay Apple an estimated 1 trillion yen or more every year to maintain the default search status of iOS. Google's claim that it didn't do it is inconsistent with its actions. '

Google may pay Apple about 1.65 trillion yen to protect the position of 'Safari's default search engine' --GIGAZINE

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