NVIDIA is quietly developing an ultra-high performance deep fake generation AI 'Implicit Warping'

``Deepfake'', a technology that creates fake movies that are not actually shot by letting AI learn photos of a specific person, is useful in other ways, such as ``

creating video works without inviting actors to the site. '' In addition, there have been many reports of abuse cases such as `` overlapping other people's faces on pornographic images '' and ``taking remote work recruitment interviews as fictitious characters ''. Meanwhile, NVIDIA's quietly released video interpolation AI ' Implicit Warping ' has become a hot topic as it can be used to generate high-quality deep fakes.

Implicit Warping for Animation with Image Sets

[2210.01794] Implicit Warping for Animation with Image Sets

NVIDIA's Implicit Warping Is a Potentially Powerful Deepfake Technique - Metaphysic.ai

Implicit Warping is a type of AI that can realize the operation of ``learning features contained in multiple images and applying them to another image''. For example, when learning the two images placed on the left end of the following video ( playback by clicking ) and applying the learning result to the ``video of a man speaking different from the learning source image'' placed in the third from the left , you can generate images like the three on the right. The three images are generated by ``First Order Motion Model (FOMM)'', ``fv2v'', and ``Implicit Warping'' in order from the left. You can see that the highlights of the eyes are realistically reproduced.

As mentioned above, Implicit Warping can be used to generate high-quality deepfake videos from a small number of images, but the research paper on Implicit Warping states, ``Our method (Implicit Warping) is used to generate deepfakes. If so, it may have a negative impact on society.' ``However, it can be used for recreational purposes in a controlled environment.'' In addition, NVIDIA has released a number of demonstrations such as ``read background information from the original image and generate a background without failure'', and with the use of video interpolation AI instead of deep fake generation AI in mind It emphasizes the posture of putting.

On the other hand, the research group `` Metaphysic.ai '' on content generation AI said, `` Implicit Warping has extraordinary deep fake generation performance compared to existing systems, '' emphasizing the high level of deep fake generation performance. I'm here. After that, ``Implicit Warping has advanced deep fake generation performance, but NVIDIA did not pursue deep fake generation for fear of the current situation where the negative impression of deep fakes is increasing.'' increase.

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