I tried assembling a locomotive with wheels with ``Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition'' that can completely reproduce Harry Potter's ``Hogwarts Express'' with Lego blocks

With over 5,000 LEGO® blocks, you can assemble the 'Hogwarts Express' that appears in Harry Potter and the 'Platform 9 and 3/4' platform at King's Cross Station to recreate a scene from the movie ' Hogwarts .' Limited Express Collector's Edition ' will be released on August 31, 2022. Since such a huge kit came to the editorial department, I will make a

locomotive of 'Hogwarts Express' with wheels that actually move after checking the accessories .

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'Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition' is a set that allows you to assemble a Hogwarts Express with a total length of 118cm with 5129 blocks. The contents of 'Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition' can be confirmed in the following article.

Lego block set 'Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition' that can reproduce Harry Potter's 'Hogwarts Express' in a huge size of 118 cm in total length - GIGAZINE

'Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition' comes with 4 assembly instructions, the first book is a locomotive, the second book is a track & tender, the third book is a passenger car, and the fourth book is how to make a station platform. is explained. This time, I will make a locomotive with wheels according to the first procedure manual.

'Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition' contains 45 bags containing blocks.

So, first I took out 1 to 7 sachets from the box.

In the assembly procedure manual, the procedure for assembling the blocks in the small bag is written in order from the bag with the smallest number, and 'Take out all the contents of the specified small bag' → 'Assemble according to the procedure manual' → 'Assemble the next bag' You can assemble the locomotive by repeating the operation of 'taking out the contents'.

Inside the pouch, not only blocks but also minifigures are included. This is Ron and Harry when they boarded the Hogwarts Express for the first time in '

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone '.

There was also a minifigure of an in-house salesperson selling all kinds of beans. These minifigures come in separate pouches for a nostalgic feel every time you open the pouch.

So, start assembling. First, make the base part of the locomotive.

If you make a mistake with the combination of blocks, use the included remover to easily separate the blocks. Since the blocks of the LEGO block are combined quite strongly, they tend to hurt their fingers and nails when separating the blocks. In 'Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition', it is necessary to assemble a total of 5129 blocks, so it is recommended to actively use remover to prevent injuries.

Gears are also included in the block ... ...

You can make a gearbox to move the wheels like this.

The gearbox is mounted on the underside of the base.

After that, continue to assemble according to the procedure manual ......

The body of the locomotive has been completed.

Next, combine a lot of wheels & blocks ......

Attach the wheels to the vehicle body.

Furthermore, if you connect the wheels with a connecting rod ......

Completion of the Hogwarts Express locomotive.

The vehicle name 'HOGWARTS EXPRESS' and the body number '5972' are written on the front.

You can put 1-2 minifigures in the back.

The wheels are connected by connecting rods, and the same movement as a real steam locomotive is reproduced. You can check how the wheels of the Hogwarts Express actually move in the following movie.

The movement of the wheels of the Hogwarts express made with Lego blocks looks something like this - YouTube

It took about four and a half hours to assemble the locomotive, including shooting time. 'Hogwarts Express Collector's Edition' comes with a total of 4 manuals, and in addition to the locomotive made this time, it is necessary to create a tender, a passenger car, a track, and a station platform. Articles on assembling the rest of the vehicles and platforms will be coming soon.

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