"The Making of Harry Potter" where you can visit the Griffin Doll Interpretation Room and Hogwarts Set used in the movie "Harry Potter"

British authorJ · K · RowlingA novel byHarry Potter Series"Caused a big boom all over the world, causing social phenomena to the extent that not only children but also adults can be read. Warner Brothers' movie series has also recorded a huge hit, in the second half of 2014 Osaka'sUSJ(Universal Studios Japan) to "Hogwarts Magic Magic SchoolThe attraction which reproduced "Opening scheduleis.

Warner Brothers' Leaves Den Studio in the UK where Harry Potter series movies were filmed is the 'Reeves Den Studio' where you can see real shooting sets, props, props, costumes etcWarner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter"We are going on everyday, so it is said that you can see the Griffin Doll Common room and big dining room that appeared in the movie, so I actually went there.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter

To go to Leaves Studio, which is carrying out The Making of Harry Potter, head from Washington Junction station by train from Euston station in the center of London.

Confirm on which platform the train heading to Watford Junction station departs from the electric bulletin board installed in the station.

In the UK, the platform is not decided by the destination of the train, and the platform from which the train departs is announced shortly before the departure time, so the view that people are waiting in front of the electric bulletin board I am familiar.

This is the train heading to Watford Junction station.

Between the train and the platform, there is a gap that is too wide, so be careful.

This train is like this.

I got on the train from London and arrived at Watford Junction station in about 20 minutes.

When leaving the station, head to the tech tech.

I found a bus dedicated to Leaves Studios.

The bus is a special specification whose appearance was designed in the world of Harry Potter.

I got on the bus and arrived at Leaves Studio in 15 minutes.

Before the studio, Harry Potter and huge chess that appeared on the philosopher's stone are on display.

It returns to the huge chess that it was used for an actual movie and it is a trace of blood.

To participate in "Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter"Official siteIt is necessary to make a reservation from the tickets on the day, and no tickets are sold at all. You can print out the e-mail you received when you make a reservation and exchange it for an admission ticket with "TICKETS" next to the studio. Tickets are 30 pounds (about 5000 yen) over 16 years old and 22.50 pounds (about 3800 yen) under 15 years old.

Admission ticket printed with Hedwig.

I will enter from the entrance immediately.

When entering, it looks like this and portraits of performers of Harry Potter are displayed on the wall.

I played Ron Weasley from the leftRupert Grint· Harry Potter playedDaniel Radcliffe· Hermione · Granger'sEmma WatsonPhoto of.

There are also digital guide and cloak that can leave luggage.

On the cloak, I played Draco · MalfoyTom FeltonThe photos and the models of flying cars are on display.

There is a cafe next to the entrance.

A photograph of Princess Catherine and Prince William of the Duchess Cambridge exhibited in a cafe holding a magic wand.

When the time specified at the time of reservation arrives, we will enter the studio interior from the entrance.

Before entrance, Harry Potter lived in the Darthley family "The room under the stairs" was exhibited.

The room under the staircase is what was actually used in the movie.

When entering the studio, there are explanations about The Making of Harry Potter from the staff at the beginning, the tour will start after watching special movies.

After finishing watching the special movie the screen got up and a huge door appeared.

A man who celebrated his birthday, opened a door on behalf of the tourists.

When I opened the door, the big dining hall of Hogwarts Magic Magic School appeared.

The table where the students of Hogwarts were eating.

All the pots and tableware being exhibited are those produced for the movie.

The uniforms of each dormitory are also displayed in the big eatery, and this one belongs to Haffle Puff.

Uniform of raven claw.

Griffin doll's uniform.

Costumes of Hogwart's teachers are also on exhibition. According to the guide men, Snape's clothes look black in the film, but the actual costume was dark blue. This seems to be the use of dark blue rather than black to produce a stereoscopic effect.

When you leave the set of the canteens, you will be free to move from here.

When I was walking in a place like a big hall, the first thing I saw in my eyes was an object that appeared in the scene of Christmas dance party of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

This is a variety of wigs used in the movie.

Actually used costumes are also exhibited.

Huge gate of Hogwarts.

In the circular set where people are gathered ......

Harry Potters were in the bedroom of the dormitory where they were staying.

This is a bed of Harry Potter, and under the bed there is a trunk with the name of HP.

My heart will be hot if you think that Harry and Ron actually stayed in bed.

"Mirror mirror" and paintings of "fat ladies" to protect the entrance to the dormitory.

A staff of characters of Harry Potter.

This is a set of a common room.

Costumes that Harry and Ron were wearing when they were in the third grade are exhibited in the discourse room.

This is the costume of 6th grade, wearing transparent cloaks.

The gargoyle statue at the entrance of the principal's room of Dumbledore.

Gold eggs that appeared in the game against three major magical schools held in Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire. Behind it is a trophy

Tens of thousands of props and props have been produced in the movie, and all of them are on display.

Numerous items such as Schnitz and Sage's stone.

A big set is an exception ......

Dumbledore's costumes are also exhibited in the principal's room set.

Classes where magical pharmacy classes were held.

The scenery of the class seems to come back up.

Mr. Snape also stood.

The state of the classroom of magic pharmaceuticals can be confirmed from the following movie.

Magical Pharmacy Classroom - YouTube

Many portraits decorated in Hogwarts were not moving like movies.

The hut where Hagrid lived.

Inside is like this, there are fangs that Hagrid had.

Harry Potter and a huge door that seven snakes, which appeared in a secret room, are amazing.

In this space I was introducing the technology of VFX used in the movie.

You can see the images after and before CG processing.

There was space to take a memorial photo with a cane.

The Weasley family's dining room.

Kitchen knives and scrubbing were moving as well as movies doing housework with magic.

You can check the set of the Weasley family's dining room from the movie below.

Weasley family dining room - YouTube

Voldemort and the costume of the wizard of the darkness.


Lucius · Malfoy

Vellatrix · Rest Range

This is the room of Dolores / Unbridge who came from the Ministry of Magic as Hogwarts Higher Interrogator.

The room of Dolores / Unbridge is shining pink.

There are lots of cats on the wall.

It is a prop used in a movie that is arranged in a showcase with Zurrach.

A map of shinobi and ... ...

Letters, newspapers, etc. can feel the attention of the producers to detail. According to David Hayman, a comprehensive producer, he stuck to props to reproduce the world of J. K. Rowling as precisely as possible.

One hundred beans and ...

Frog chocolate is also on exhibition.

I finished visiting a big hall in about an hour. When going out according to the route ......

There will be a square where the "Knight Bath of the Night" etc. are displayed.

The knight bus at night is such a feeling, it will not become thin.

The rear part of the night knight bus is actually able to take a commemorative photo shoot.

There are shops selling butter beer in the open space.

Butter beer is 2.95 pounds (about 500 yen) · 4.95 pounds (about 835 yen) · 6.95 pounds (about 1170 yen) from the small cup.

When actually buying and drinking butter beer, you do not taste beer at all, you can drink children with a sweet buttery flavor.

People relaxing under the grave of Voldemort's father.

The flying car that is on display can go in and take a commemorative photo.

A set of houses where the Darsley family live.

A corridor of Hogwarts is also exhibited.

After observing the outside exhibits all the way, we will go into the interior again.

Here you can observe the special makeup model used in the movie.

A realistic model that seems to start talking about now.

The Phoenix bred by Dumbledore.

Marjorie Dirsley has been hung from the ceiling, which has been ballooned by Harry as a magic.

The "monster monster book" used in magical living creativity was actually moving. You can not stroke the spine.

You can check how the "monster monster book" actually moves from the following movie.

"Monster monster book" is actually moving - YouTube

Dobby is standing upright to sleep.

The suicide demon hanging from the ceiling.

Basilisk 's head is impressive.

Going further back, you can see the set of streets.

This is a set of Diagon Yokocho.

Olivander's shop where Harry bought a cane ... ...

There is Weasley · Wizard · Weez of mischievous goods specialty store, and it falls into the illusion that it is in the movie.

Gauge · lozenge Figurines displayed at Weasley · Wizard · Weez.

It is like this in the Weasley Wizard Wise store.

After passing through Diagon Yokocho, the design drawing will appear in the room stuck on the whole wall.

The set, props and props used in the movie are said to be carefully designed.

From big things to small things, I had to admire that it was finely designed.

As I was proceeding along the way, I came out to the room where a huge Hogwarts model was displayed.

Because the set is too big, I will walk downward while walking around the grudge.

Looking at the set of Hogwarts, I recall various scenes in the movie.

In the middle of the tour you can watch a movie introducing how the set of Hogwarts were used in the movie. It is a must see how the image of the set of Hogwarts is being processed.

You can see how the video of Hogwart's set is being processed by VFX technology from the movie below.

How the video of Hogwart's set is being processed by VFX technology - YouTube

There was a corridor which was being exhibited outside.

Behind the huge set.

There are a lot of people taking pictures.

At the end of the tour, a box of canes containing the names of all the people involved in film production are displayed in the room that reproduced the staves of Oliverder.

There was also a name of the leading Daniel Radcliffe.

When the tour ends, it comes out to the souvenir shop.

Ron's mother's knitted sweater cost 69.95 pounds (about 12,000 yen)

At the souvenir shop, you can also purchase a model of the staff of the characters.

Harry's staff and ... ...

Voldemort's wand is sold for each 24.50 pounds (about 4150 yen).

"Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter" takes about 4 hours at least for about 2 hours at a short time, but it takes around 4 hours, but sets and props used in movies are only available here in the world Satisfaction is considerably higher as you can not see. Everyone who has seen Harry Potter's movies even once has excitement and is sure to be impressed.

◆ bonus

At King's Cross station in the center of London, there are signs of Harry Potter novels and movies, 9, 3/4 track signs and luggage carts snapped into the wall, anyone It is designed to take a memorial photo at will.

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