``Pizza Grill Chicken Jr.'' and ``Classic Grill Chicken'', which finished juicy grilled chicken in a pizza style with a large amount of cheese, appeared from the subway, so I tried it

Subway's unique arrangement of smoky and fruity sauces from high-end steakhouses and topped with sandwiches that are exclusive to autumn ' Classic Grilled Chicken ' and ' Pizza Grilled Chicken Jr. 'Two new sandwiches appeared from the subway, so I actually bought it and tried it.

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Limited to this fall! Smoky and fruity high-end steakhouse taste easily available-“Classic Grill Chicken” and “Pizza Grill Chicken Jr.”-Sales start from September 14, 2022 (Wednesday)
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That's why I bought 'Classic Grill Chicken' and 'Pizza Grill Chicken Jr.' Subway can choose the type of bread, vegetables and toppings when ordering, but this time both are recommended and ordered.

This is 'Classic Grill Chicken' (530 yen including tax). The calorie is 355kcal and the sugar is 44.7g.

The size is about the same as the iPhone 12 with a vertical length of 146.7 mm. The bread was

wheat .

The ingredients that are sandwiched are 'cut off teriyaki chicken' topped with a special sauce that is an original arrangement of the steak house's smoky and fruity sauce, green peppers, onion slices, tomatoes, and lettuce.

The white cream topped in the vegetables is mascarpone cheese. When you take a bite, the scent of smoke derived from the special sauce penetrates your nose at once. The sauce has a strong smoky flavor, and then the sweetness of the fruit and the stimulation of the slightly effective spice spreads in your mouth. The chicken is moist and juicy, and it is possible to feel the taste of chicken firmly in the strong flavor and sweetness of the sauce. The grilled chicken is finished in a rather dark seasoning, and the amount is also large, but with plenty of vegetables and fruity original sauce, it is possible to continue eating even in this hot season. Mascarpone cheese sauce is not so much, but you can feel the flavor depending on where you eat it.

Next, I will eat 'Pizza Grill Chicken Jr.' (490 yen including tax). The calorie is 420kcal and the sugar is 41.3g. The ingredients that are sandwiched are considerably less than the classic grilled chicken, and the amount of cut off grilled chicken that is sandwiched is also less.

I tried to check the ingredients inside, but the quattro cheese that was fully sandwiched stretched out and covered my view. When I ate it, the wheat was more fluffy and dusty, probably because it was toasted more firmly than the classic grilled chicken. As you can see, the taste is overwhelmingly dominated by cheese. The vegetables that are sandwiched are only green peppers and onions, but green peppers in particular have a stronger presence than classic grilled chicken, and they are not recommended for those who do not like their unique scent. It's a rare rich taste in the subway menu, so if you want to go crazy today, it's good to choose 'Pizza Grill Chicken Jr.'

In addition, `` Classic Grill Chicken '' and `` Pizza Grill Chicken Jr. .

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