I tried two kinds of subway 'Creamy Chicken ~ Luxury Porcini Sauce ~' where you can enjoy the creamy sauce of rich porcini mushrooms with melty rich cheese

From the sandwich chain subway, 'Creamy Chicken Sandwich-Luxury Porcini Sauce- ' and ' Pizza Creamy Chicken-Luxury Porcini Sauce-' using the original creamy sauce will be available for a limited time from September 15, 2021 (Wednesday). bottom. The creamy sauce, which is a combination of fragrant porcini mushrooms and the original 'Quattro cheese', can be enjoyed with two types of pizza, a sandwich where you can taste plenty of vegetables and a cheese that melts with 3 times the cheese. Saw.

Eat and compare two new types of autumn-scented cheese that 'melt' Sand & Pizza Creamy Chicken ~ Luxury Porcini Sauce ~ New release from September 15, 2021 (Wednesday)
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That's why I came to the subway.

Next to the cash register, there is a banner that appeals to you, 'Creamy Chicken Sandwich ~ Luxury Porcini Sauce ~' and 'Pizza Creamy Chicken ~ Luxury Porcini Sauce ~'. The creamy chicken series has existed as a seasonal menu for a long time, but this time it was changed to the one of the Danish royal warrant maker who thoroughly controls the quality of mozzarella cheese used for creamy sauce.

I ordered it at takeout. You can choose buns, sauces, and vegetables to add on the subway, but this time we recommend all of them. The recommendation of the buns was 'white'.

First of all, we will start with 'Creamy Chicken Sandwich ~ Luxury Porcini Sauce ~' (520 yen plus tax). The calories are 347 kcal and the sugar is 34.8 g.

The sandwich is like a subway, with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, peppers and 4 kinds of vegetables sandwiched between them ...

There is a chicken entwined with creamy sauce in the back.

When I actually ate it, it turned out to be a refreshing sandwich with crispy vegetables and chicken entwined with creamy sauce in a well-balanced manner. In addition, the aroma of porcini mushrooms was felt firmly, probably because the amount of cheese was modest, and the editorial staff commented that it tasted like a high-class mushroom.

The next thing to eat is 'Pizza Creamy Chicken ~ Luxury Porcini Sauce ~' (490 yen including tax). The calories are 412kcal and the sugar is 34.3g.

When I open the bread because it's a pizza, the melted cheese looks irresistible for cheese lovers who pull a string.

Pizza has three times as much cheese as sand, and according to Subway's recommendations, there are two types of vegetables, peppers and onions.

The editorial staff who tried it said, 'I feel like cheese fondue because I'm eating a lot of cheese,' and 'I can feel the scent of porcini mushrooms in the rich cheese, and the scent of mushrooms from chicken. I can feel it. ' I also felt that the onions and peppers were a nice accent in the cheese-rich pizza.

Subway 'Creamy Chicken Sandwich-Luxury Porcini Sauce-' (520 yen including tax) and 'Pizza Creamy Chicken-Luxury Porcini Sauce-' (490 yen including tax) will be available from September 15th (Wednesday) to November 16th (Tuesday), 2021. It can be purchased at all Subway stores except some stores such as stores in leisure facilities for a limited time. The price for both in-store food and drink and takeout is the same.

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