'Eat a lot of meat even in areas with many longevity' is controversial online

In a thread on a social news site about the '

blue zone ,' where many healthy and long-lived people live, 'It is said that eating habits in healthy areas are mainly vegetables, but in reality, eating a lot of meat. The opinion was posted, and it developed into a discussion that received a lot of feedback.

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Blue Zones, where people reach age 100 at 10 times greater rates | Hacker News

Dan Buettner, a researcher and best-selling author of the well-known American television show National Geographic, wrote in a 2016 paper , 'Blue Zones,' in an area where many people over the age of 100 live. He pointed out that there are nine things in common in life. 'Power 9', which is common to lifestyles in five regions including Okinawa in Japan and Sardinia in Italy, is summarized at the end of the following article.

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by Jeffrey Zeldman

One of the 'Power 9' is a plant-centered diet. In particular, beans such as broad beans, black beans, soybeans, and lentils are the basis of the diet of people who live up to 100 years old, whereas meat is eaten only five times a month on average. For example, the traditional diet of Sardinha, where the oldest man in the world lived at the time, consisted of whole wheat bread, beans, garden vegetables and fruits, and the meat was only served on the table on Sundays or special occasions. It is said that it will not be.

This treatise was also featured on the social news site Hacker News, and received 389 comments from the thread creation on July 18, 2022 to the time of article creation.

And the most responsive of those opinions was the comment of a user named codeflow2202 . In his post , he said of the Sardinian diet, 'People who talk about Sardinia continue to say that the diet of the inhabitants is mostly vegetarian. But the truth is,'The people of Sardinia are of many animal origin. I'm eating protein and fat. ”It may be hard to tell to people who don't understand Italian, but when people in the area were interviewed, they all said they weren't vegetarian.” Said.

The image shown by codeflow2202 as the basis is as follows. Animal protein is 29.3% of the protein consumed by shepherds , especially those with longevity in Sardinha, which is higher than 19.5% of the farmers on the left. Similarly, fat was more animal-derived than farmers. Since shepherds are grazing sheep, it is easy to imagine that they have more opportunities to eat sheep's milk and meat than farmers.

Also, in the video below, a 102-year-old man said, 'Vegetables are bad for you. I ate only sheep meat.'

The secret of Sardinian centenarians | Raffaele Sestu | TEDxViaTirso --YouTube

Many comments were received on the point that 'Sardinian shepherds, who are said to have a diet centered on vegetable foods, actually eat a lot of meat.'

For example, one user said, 'There is a propaganda that meat is bad for you. It has been known for thousands of years that a diverse diet, including vegetables and fruits, as well as meat and fish, is healthier than avoiding them. But when the population grows and you can't eat meat, it suddenly becomes unhealthy for some reason, 'he said, supporting the idea that eating meat is healthy.

On the other hand, another user said, 'There are some areas in Greece that have high life expectancy despite heavy consumption of meat and cheese, and in subsequent research, the villagers received LDL receptors that take LDL cholesterol into their cells. It turns out that it has a gene that greatly reduces the work of the body , which means that people in the area have eaten the same diet for centuries, and no one can adapt to it. So, even if a Sardinian person eats only mutton and can live to be 102 years old, it does not mean that the Californian people will get the same diet and get the same result. ' I argue that only the people of Sardinha can live longer.

In addition, several users who have actually lived in Sardinha commented that ' Sardenha people eat a smaller amount of meat than Americans' and 'Lifestyle or air rather than meat consumption'. I think stress factors such as water quality and water quality are greater. '

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