NetEase of 'Knives Out' and Tencent of 'PUBG MOBILE' continue to be unable to obtain a game sales license in China.

In China, you need to obtain a license issued by the Chinese government agency 'National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA)' before you can sell the game. However, China suspended the issuance of licenses from July 2021 to March 2022, and even after April 2022 when the issuance resumed, major game development companies based in China ' Tencent ' and ' NetEase ' The situation where the license cannot be obtained continues.

Tencent and NetEase absent from 67 new video game approvals in China, as ByteDance and Bilibili emerge as big winners | South China Morning Post

Both Tencent and NetEase are Chinese-based game companies, and Tencent has developed many world-famous game titles, such as developing ' PUBG MOBILE ' and co-developing ' Pokémon UNITE ' with Nintendo. increase. NetEase is also developing famous titles such as ' Diablo Immortal ' and 'Knives Out'.

As mentioned above, China has several major game companies in the country, but in 2021, the Chinese government enacted 'a rule to limit children's weekly online game play time to 3 hours'. The Chinese government has accused the game of harmful content, as state media said, ' Games are spiritual ahens .' Furthermore, in July 2021, NPPA stopped issuing game sales licenses, and 14,000 game companies were in bankruptcy.

14,000 companies go bankrupt in just 5 months due to suspension of game license issuance by Chinese government-GIGAZINE

The suspension of license issuance by NPPA continued for 10 months, and license issuance was resumed in April 2022. However, only 45 titles were issued in April, 60 in May, and 67 in June, which is a very small number of titles, and it is reported that Tencent and NetEase have not obtained licenses. I am.

On the other hand, ' bilibili ', which operates a movie sharing site, has obtained a license to sell the Playstation 5 version of 'Fist Gurenjo no Yami', and 'ByteDance', the operator of TikTok, has a mobile game 'Crystal of Atlan'. It is also clear that major technology companies are acquiring new licenses, such as obtaining sales licenses.

The 'Diablo Immortal' developed by NetEase has been criticized for its strong billing factor , but it has made a good start with sales of about 3.2 billion yen within two weeks of its release. However, the release scheduled for June 23, 2022 in the Chinese market has been postponed, and the planned release date has not been announced at the time of writing the article. It is reported that the postponement of the release of 'Diablo Immortal' in China may have been caused by the contraindication of 'associating President Xi Jinping with' Winnie the Pooh '' at the time of promotion.

'Diablo Immortal' who has tampered with 'Xi Jinping = Pooh' has been postponed to release in China --GIGAZINE

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