Public beta versions of 'iOS 16', 'macOS Ventura' and 'watchOS 9' will be released

At the

developer event 'WWDC22' held by Apple in June 2022, next-generation versions of various operating systems such as ' iOS 16 ', ' iPadOS 16 ', ' macOS Ventura ', ' watchOS 9 ', ' tvOS 16 ', and ' HomePod software 16 ' will be released. It was announced. Public beta versions of those operating systems are available for download.

Apple Beta Software Program

When Apple makes major updates to various operating systems, it is customary to first distribute a beta version for developers and then a public beta version that can be used by general users. The public beta version of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, watchOS 9, tvOS 16 and HomePod Software 16 released this time can be downloaded by anyone participating in Apple's beta trial program ' Apple Beta Software Program '. It is possible.

The main new functions installed in iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, and watchOS 9 are as follows.

◆ iOS 16
In iOS 16, customization elements such as 'change font style', 'change the appearance of the clock', and 'arrange widgets' will be added to the lock screen.

With the standard chat app 'Message', it is now possible to edit the text after sending. In addition, a function to watch the same movie as others at the same time on the message screen has been added.

With the genuine Apple map app 'Map', you can add stopovers when searching for routes, and you can charge electronic money such as Suica from the map app.

iOS 16 has a ton of other new features. Details of each function can be confirmed on the following pages.

The next major version of the OS for iPhone 'iOS 16' announced, lock screen can be customized --GIGAZINE

◆ iPad OS 16
With iPadOS 16, you will be able to freely change the window size of the app.

In addition, a function to switch apps with one tap and a function to connect to an external display have been added, making it possible to use it like a MacBook.

Details of each function can be confirmed on the following pages.

The next major version of the iPad OS 'iPad OS 16' that can use the iPad like a Mac is announced-GIGAZINE

◆ macOS Ventura
In macOS Ventura, the function 'Spotlight' that allows you to search across apps and files has been greatly enhanced, and quick actions such as 'Search for images locally and on the Internet', 'Quick look for search results', and 'Set alarm' are available. It is possible to do something like 'execute'.

In addition, the ability to use the iPhone camera as a webcam has been added.

Other new features can be found on the following pages.

The next major version of the OS for Mac 'macOS Ventura' announced, making it possible to turn the iPhone into a MacBook webcam-GIGAZINE

◆ watchOS 9
watchOS 9 greatly increases the amount of information you can see during workouts such as running and cycling. It also adds the ability to calculate workout intensity in real time.

A function to record the medication status of vitamins and medicines prescribed by doctors has also appeared.

In addition, a sleep tracking function has been added to record details such as 'REM sleep,' 'core sleep,' 'deep sleep,' and 'wake-up timing.'

In addition, many functions have been added, such as the addition of a dial and the ability to input Japanese with the keyboard.

The next major version of OS for Apple Watch 'watchOS 9' announced-GIGAZINE

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