Apple Watch's latest OS "watchOS 3" comes up, new functions such as explosion of application startup time are added one after another

Apple's event for developers "WWDC 2016"Apple Watch's latest OS"WatchOS 3"Was announced, and the new function to be added became clear.

Apple Events - Apple Event - WWDC Keynote June 2016 - Apple

Keynote The first announcement is "watchOS 3".

Save favorite applications in storage · Update in the background · Refreshed information etc. are new and it is launched immediately.

In watchOS 2, it took time to start the application

Longer time from tapping to launching the app

By the time I started it was the level I thought it was faster from a smartphone.

In watch OS 3, application launch becomes explosive

There is no waiting time for activation.

The UI has also been changed slightly, and pushing the side button displays the application being started.

Swipe to select applications, and improve accessibility between applications.

The control center has also been redesigned.

Added message reply option.

"Scribble" of handwriting function is added

Handwritten reply

In addition to Mickey Mouse on Watch Face, Add Minnie Mouse

You can choose Minnie costume according to the color of the band

Various watch faces

Demonstration of watchOS 3

Swipe to switch apps

Timer application implements a preset timer

Lyft application, you can call a taxi with one tap


Find Friends

Activity application to understand momentum

Replying to a message

With Scribble you can reply by handwriting from Apple Watch. There is no need to open iPhone.

In addition, an emergency notification function will be added.


Then you will call the emergency number.

When you are outside the United States, you will contact the local emergency number.

Use location information from iPhone

Can also be used overseas

Activity sharing, you can watch friends activities and send messages

Activity application for wheelchair users

Because it is intended for people of wheelchair users, there are also detailed considerations of "Roll (roll)" instead of "Stand".

A new application urging deep breathing "Breathe"

He said he knew about the medical effect that the mind and body can be calm and health by deep breathing. Apple Watch urges deep breath at moderate timing.

Apple Pay

Developer preview of watchOS 3 released today

The official version is released in the fall of 2016

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