Apple stores vote for first union in Maryland voted in favor

On June 18, 2022, a vote was held at the Apple Store in Maryland, USA, asking whether or not to form a union, and it was passed by a majority. This is the first time a trade union has been formed at an Apple retail store in the United States.

Machinists Union's Coalition of Organized Retail Employees Wins Historic Organizing Campaign to Represent Towson, Md. Apple Workers --IAMAW

Apple workers vote to unionize at Maryland store

The International Association of Mechanics and Aerospace Workers (IAM) , an international trade union in the United States and Canada, said on June 18 that 'more than 100 Apple employees working in Towson, Maryland are the overwhelming majority. Has decided to join the IAM. '

According to the announcement, about 100 employees are enrolled in the store in Towson Town Center, a large shopping mall in Towson, and this vote is in favor of 65: 33 against IAM. He said he supported the membership.

The vote was led by a group called CORE (Coalition of Organized Retail Employees), which was voluntarily organized by store employees.

This is the first time a union has been formed at an Apple store in the United States. On June 2nd, a store in Atlanta, Georgia was planning to vote for the first union in the United States, but the organizers announced that it would be canceled because Apple's obstruction made it impossible to vote fairly. Was there.

Apple employees abandon their first union vote and accuse 'the company has prevented a fair vote'-GIGAZINE

IAM President Robert Martinez said, 'We applaud the courage that CORE members have shown at Towson's Apple Store to lead to this historic victory. They have been paying attention to this election in the thousands nationwide. He has made great efforts for as many Apple employees as possible. This victory shows that demand for labor unions is increasing in the Apple Store and various industries throughout the United States. ' I did.

Martinez urges Apple CEO Tim Cook to respect the results of this vote and move swiftly towards the initial agreement between Apple and the trade union.

'We're refraining from commenting on what happened on June 18,' Apple spokeswoman Josh Lipton told the media.

In the United States, labor demand has been increasing due to labor shortages in recent years, and the resulting improvement in the status of workers has been a tailwind for the formation of unions. Microsoft, the same major American IT company as Apple, announced on June 13 the 'Labor Neutrality Agreement' that allows employees of the acquired Activision Blizzard to form a union. Concluded with the Communications Workers of America (CWA).

Microsoft agrees not to oppose the formation of Activision Blizzard's union, a breakthrough in the United States where companies can legally interfere with unions-GIGAZINE

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