I tried using a pencil 'metacil' that can continue to write 16 km without scraping made of a special core

From late June 2022, the mysterious pencil ' metacil' that can be erased cleanly with a special core containing graphite and metal will be released. Since it is possible to write about 16 km without sharpening a pencil, I thoroughly checked the writing taste and ease of erasing.



The metasil package looks something like this. There are navy, white, red, black, beige, and blue on the axis of Metasil, but this time I will use navy, white, and red. Even if the color of the shaft changes, the color of the core remains the same.

It is said that aluminum, alloy and copper are used as materials.

There was one Metasil in the package.

The appearance of navy white red looks like this. All cores are black.

The length is a little shorter than a new pencil ......

The thickness is slightly thicker than a regular pencil.

The actual weight is 13g.

The pencil for comparison was 4 g.

When you hold it in your hand, it feels heavy like

a metal mechanical pencil , but the weight is uniform so you don't feel it is difficult to handle.

The shaft is threaded, and you can separate the core and shaft by turning it to the left.

I wondered if it was really metal, so I measured the resistance of the core with a simple

tester and it showed 0.5Ω.

When you try to write letters, you can write smoothly with the same amount of force as a general pencil. When you write with a pencil, it makes a clicking sound, but the Metasil was very quiet. In addition, the core density of Metasil is said to be equivalent to 2H.

Try rubbing with an eraser ......

disappeared beautifully. When erasing characters written with Metasil, a slightly stronger force is required compared to a 2H pencil.

I compared writing with Metasil, 2H pencil, and HB pencil with the same power. The thickness of Metasil is equivalent to 2H, so people who normally use dark pencils or mechanical pencils will find it light.

Metasil can change the density of letters by adjusting the amount of force in the same way as a pencil. However, since strong force is required when writing dark letters, marks will remain on the back of the notebook and on the next page.

When I try to fill the whole notebook with the same way of holding ... ...

The tip has been cut off and the shape has changed. When writing long sentences, it seems good to re-grip the Metasil occasionally and change the position where it touches the paper.

I filled in a 5mm x 5mm square and measured the diagonal resistance. The resistance of the Metasil was 83.1 kΩ and the resistance of the 2H pencil (

uni ) was 1.245 MΩ. The resistance value is about 15 times.

When several editorial staff used it, the following impressions were obtained.

・The tip won't break even if you write with a strong force, so I want to give it to myself when I was in elementary school and broke the lead of a pencil.
・Because the sound when writing is low, it may be suitable for studying in a quiet place such as a library.
・If you like a heavy mechanical pencil like a mechanical pencil for drafting, it might suit you.
・It is good that paper and desks do not get dirty because graphite powder does not come out.
・Pencils are smoother, so if you write a long document with Metasil, you will gradually become worried about getting caught.
・It is not possible to handle the situation where you want to use the core in a round state.

When I actually tried using Metasil, I felt that the great advantage was that 'you can continue to use it without scraping', although there are different tastes for writing. It seems to show its true value when you want to concentrate when you don't even want to replace the core of the mechanical pencil.

Also, since you don't need to prepare pencil sharpeners or replacement lead, it seems convenient to leave it with a notepad at the front door or next to the phone.

Metasil is scheduled to appear in late June 2022 for 990 yen including tax. At the time of writing the article, Amazon.co.jp already has a sales page.

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2023/07/21 postscript:
Sunstar Stationery Co., Ltd. pointed out that the notation 'made of metal' is NG, so we changed the notation to 'special core'.

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