Mos Burger's classic 'shrimp cutlet burger' has been renewed and 'shrimp chili-style burger' has also appeared, so I tried it all together.

' Shrimp cutlet burger ', which is a standard menu of Mos Burger, has been renewed by reviewing the balance of richness and acidity of lemon tartar sauce and adding basil that goes well with lemon and shrimp. In addition, ' Shrimp chili-style burger ', which is an arrangement of shrimp chili-style burger, has also appeared, so I bought it all together and tried it.

If you like shrimp, both! [Limited time] Shrimp chili-style burger / Shrimp cutlet burger | Mos Burger official website

New release of 'Shrimp chili-style burger' -Simultaneous renewal of standard product 'Shrimp cutlet burger'-
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Supporting producers in Kyushu! Three kinds of sweet and sour drinks that you can enjoy sweet and sour and bittersweet are now available! New release of 'Mixing Shake Amanatsu'
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I bought the product I was looking for at Mos Burger.

The hamburger wrapping paper is the same, but ...

Since the product name is written on the tape part, it is possible to check the contents without opening it.

First of all, I will try the renewed shrimp cutlet burger.

Compared to the 146.7mm tall iPhone 12, the size of the buns is about this.

This is the height. Like Mos Burger, it is a hamburger with a large amount of vegetables and a vertical size.

A large amount of shredded cabbage and lemon tartar sauce between the buns and the shrimp cutlet.

When you try to wear it, the scent of lemon contained in the tartar sauce goes through your nose. Even if you actually eat it, you can see that it has a fairly strong lemon flavor. Thanks to that, even if it is topped with plenty of tartar sauce, it is not too bad and you can eat it quickly. As a whole, it is filled with crispy shrimp batter and shrimp texture, shrimp crispy texture, and elements such as 'this is shrimp cutlet burger', but I feel the flavor of basil as an accent. Or, there is a lemon flavor that you can feel more firmly than ever before, and it was a finish that you can feel something new while having a classic taste.

Next, I will eat a shrimp chili-style burger.

A large amount of shredded lettuce under the buns.

And the shrimp cutlet is wearing a generous amount of shrimp chili-style sauce.

The sauce is based on tomato ketchup with garlic, ginger, doubanjiang, and amazake, and the spiciness is suppressed so that even children can eat it. However, this does not mean that it does not feel spicy at all. Unlike the shrimp cutlet burger, the point is that the shredded cabbage is changed to shredded lettuce, and you can see from the first bite that this is better compatible with shrimp chili sauce. Mos Burger's shrimp cutlet contains whole peeled shrimp, which is also characterized by the fact that the shrimp chili sensation is swelled many times.

Finally, I will try 'Mixing Shake Amanatsu' which has been released for a limited time from May 18th.

There are S size and M size for shake, but this time I ordered S size. It's about this size compared to the iPhone 12.

The vanilla shake is topped with sweet summer sauce, so mix it well and drink. The sweetness and sourness of the sweet summer sauce gives it a bittersweet taste, and it goes well with vanilla shakes. The balance of sweet and sour and bittersweet was a refreshing taste that made you feel the exquisite early summer.

The regular menu of shrimp cutlet burger is 410 yen including tax, the limited-time menu of shrimp chili-style burger is 460 yen including tax, the mixed shake Amanatsu is 310 yen including tax, and the M size is 380 yen including tax. ..

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