I tried the moss 'Cream Cheese Veggie-Hokkaido Corn Sauce-', which combines the original sweetness of corn with the mellow taste of cream cheese.

Mos Burger has started offering 'Cream Cheese Veggie-Hokkaido Corn Sauce-', which is a combination of cream cheese from the

popular spring-only burger 'Cream Cheese Teriyaki Burger', which sells 2 million meals every year, and fresh raw vegetables. This time, ' Mixing Shake Beni Hoppe [Aichi] ' using strawberry 'Red Hoppe ' from Aichi Prefecture and 'Mixing Shake Le Lectier [Niigata] ' using pear 'Le Lectier' from Niigata Prefecture appeared on the same day. I also tried two kinds of shakes.

This year's 'Cream Cheese' is a new spring-like product with plenty of vegetables! 'Cream cheese veggie-Hokkaido corn sauce-'-New release for a limited time at Mos Burger nationwide from Thursday, April 1-
(PDF file) https://www.mos.co.jp/company/pr_pdf/pr_210317_1.pdf

Efforts for ethical consumption A relay project that uses local ingredients! 'Mixing Shake Beni Hoppe [Aichi]' 'Mixing Shake Le Lectier [Niigata]'-The second is Let's Travel Japan in Aichi Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture Shake-
(PDF file) https://www.mos.co.jp/company/pr_pdf/pr_210317_2.pdf

That's why I came to Mos Burger. This time I'm at Mos Cafe, a cafe-type store.

I bought it and brought it back.

This is 'Cream Cheese Veggie-Hokkaido Corn Sauce-' (440 yen including tax). Mos Burger is the first burger chain in Japan to offer 'Teriyaki Burger', and since 2016, it has been offering 'Cream Cheese Teriyaki Burger' only in the spring. In 2021, the theme is 'Fresh', and the burger is replaced with a burger that uses plenty of seasonal vegetables in spring.

When I opened the upper buns, I found shredded lettuce and cream cheese on top of the tomatoes.

Especially the cream cheese is so much over it. It also contains rice vinegar, cumin powder, and garlic powder.

The underside of the tomato is a patty with plenty of Hokkaido corn sauce. In addition, 'Double Cream Cheese Veggie-Hokkaido Corn Sauce-' (570 yen including tax) with two patties is also offered.

Well then, let's have a real meal.

When you try it, the natural sweetness of potage-like corn spreads in your mouth, followed by the texture of fresh lettuce, the crisp acidity of tomato and rice vinegar, the flavor of cumin powder, and the mellow cream cheese. You can enjoy the multi-layered taste. The presence of vegetables is outstanding at the beginning of eating, but the taste of patties increases as they are replaced with each bite, leaving an aftertaste that makes the vegetables and patties feel well-balanced.

Next, we will eat two kinds of limited-time shakes, 'Mixing Shake Beni Hoppe [Aichi]' and 'Mixing Shake Lectier [Niigata]'. The price is 310 yen including tax for S size and 380 yen including tax for M size, and this time I am ordering M size.

'Mixing Shake Beni Hoppe [Aichi]' has a 1.4% juice source using red hoppe strawberries from Aichi Prefecture, and 'Mixing Shake Le Lectier [Niigata]' has a 1.2% juice source using Le Lectier from Niigata Prefecture. Shake accumulated at the bottom.

Since it is a 'mixing shake', it comes with a long spoon as well as a straw.

So, let's start with 'Mixing Shake Beni Hoppe [Aichi]'. Put a long spoon all the way to the bottom ...

As you pull it out, the sauce on the bottom gradually mixes, creating a red gradient in the shake.

When I try to eat it, I feel a slight strawberry flavor in a milky shake like fresh cream. The taste is not that the strawberries are on the front, but it matches well with the original elegant sweetness of Shake.

Next is 'Mixing Shake Lectier [Niigata]'. I tried to stir it well in the same way, but the purpose I saw was a plain shake, and there was almost no change in color due to Le Lectier sauce.

When you try it, you can feel the rich flavor of pear in the milky and elegant sweetness of the shake. It didn't have a presence for the purpose of seeing it, but it was stronger than 'Beni Hoppe' in terms of taste, and the mellow scent peculiar to pear was firmly felt.

Mos Burger 'Cream Cheese Veggie-Hokkaido Corn Sauce-' 'Mixing Shake Beni Hoppe [Aichi]' 'Mixing Shake Lectier [Niigata]' excludes some stores from Thursday, April 1, 2021 to mid-May It can be purchased at Mos Burger nationwide.

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